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QUIZ: Can you name the CoD Black Ops Pack-A-Punch Names?

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M1911Dual wield, shoots grenades
CZ75 (+Dual Wield)Fully automatic
PythonSpeed loader
CommandoDual magazine
FAMASRed dot sight
FN FALReflex sight, 3-round burst
G11Fully automatic, low power scope w/ no sway
GalilRed dot sight
M14Grip attachment
M16M203 grenade launcher
AK-74uRed dot sight
MPLRed dot sight
PM63Dual wield
SpectreReflex sight
DragunovVariable zoom
L96A1Variable zoom
HS10Dual wield
OlympiaIncendiary rounds
SPAS-12Full auto, one-shell reload
StakeoutGrip, reloads 2 shells at once
Double-Barreled ShotgunClassic Zombies weapon
M1897 Trench GunClassic Zombies weapon
China LakeOne-grenade reload
M72 LAWOne-rocket reload
Ballistic KnifeRevives downed teammates when shot
CrossbowAttracts zombies
MP40Classic Zombies weapon
ThompsonClassic Zombies weapon
Type 100Classic Zombies weapon
FG42Classic Zombies weapon
Ray GunWonder Weapon
Wunderwaffe DG-2Wonder Weapon
Thunder GunWonder Weapon
Winter's HowlWonder Weapon
V-R11Wonder Weapon
ScavengerWonder Weapon, IR scope, Variable zoom
31-79 JGB215Wonder Weapon, shrinks zombies
Wave GunWonder Weapon, changes to Zap Gun
Zap GunWonder Weapon, dual wield, changes to Wave Gun

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