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Hidden Neighbors of Mordor
Can you click on the hidden countries and region that border Mordor?
Literature Subcategories Historically Speaking
Name the questions about each Literature subcategory from a historical perspective.
Get the Picture: Ginny or Prim
Can you pick whether the clue refers to Ginny Weasley or Primrose Everdeen?
Let's Draw the Harry Potter Logo
Can you answer the questions about all seven Harry Potter books to draw the logo?
15 in 30: Young Adult Literature
When given 3 characters from the stories, can you click the books within 30 seconds?
Five Word Ladders: Books
Name the four letter words in each of these book-themed word ladders?*.
Spells of the Half-Blood Prince
Name the known spells that Severus Snape recorded in his potions book under the pseudonym 'The Half-Blood Prince'.
Criteria Quiz: Harry Potter Gryffindors
How well do you know your Gryffindors? Can you pick the Harry Potter Gryffindor character images who fulfill ALL criteria, reducing as you go?
Harry Potter Supply List
Name the items that Harry needs to bring to his first year at Hogwarts, or is forbidden to bring.
Alpha 9: Harry Potter Surnames
When you are given nine picture of Harry Potter characters , can you order them alphabetically from 1-9 on a grid with the correct combination in the time limit, by their SURNAME most commonly used in the books? Read 'How to Play'.
Sirius Black, This Is Your Life
Poor Sirius didn't grow to be an old man, but at least he was played by an Oldman.
Literature by Retelling
Match the works of classic literature with their retellings/spin-offs.
5 Literature Fivesomes
Name the five things in each of these literature-themed fivesomes.
Young Adult Author or Young Adult Protagonist?
Can you choose whether each name given is that of an [A]uthor or a [P]rotagonist of young adult fiction?
Exaggerated Harry Potter
Pick the Harry Potter character who did the thing which is described, when the description is exaggerated.
''French'' in Classic Novels
Can you identify the classic novels and other literary works based on quotations containing the word 'French'?
Books by First Page Words
They said never judge a book by its cover, so we judged them by their first pages.
Harry Potter or the Song of Ice and Fire?
Can you choose whether each character is found in the Harry Potter or the Song of Ice and Fire books?
5 in 15: Tennessee Williams' Plays
Can you correctly pick the five plays by Tennessee Williams in the allotted time while avoiding the decoys?
Books that start 'The Adventures of'
Pick the Books that start 'The Adventures of'.
Harry Potter: Film to Chapter Match
Can you choose the title of the Harry Potter chapter in which the pictured scene takes place?******
Harry Potter's Magical Creatures Crossword
Can you fill in the various magical creatures from the Harry Potter stories, when given only minimalist clues?
Obstacles Guarding the Sorcerer's Stone
Didn't it seem like it might've just been safer left in Gringott's?
Iron Fey Books
Name the Iron Fey Books by Julie Kagawa.
Scrabble Points Blitz: Hogwarts Staff (Part 1)
Can you click correctly the scrabble point value for each of the Hogwarts staff members? See How to Play notes.
The Hunger Games Book Covers by Language
Can you find The Hunger Games book cover for a specific language?
Author by Literary Villain
Can you guess each author by the literary villain they created?
Young Adult Book Series
Pick the answers that fit into each category.
Jabberwocky Nonsense Words by Definition
Match the nonsense words in Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky with their definitions.
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