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Sporcle Jumble: The Hunger Games
Can you unscramble these themed words and then unscramble their bonus letters to find the final word?
Harry Potter: Magical Objects for Muggles
Pick the magical objects by the description of the muggle counterparts.
Neville Longbottom, This Is Your Life
“I'm worth twelve of you, Malfoy.”
Colorful Children's Literature
Well how else are books going to get our attention if not through pretty colors?
Get the Picture: Which Wizarding World Witch?
Can you click the correct witch from Harry Potter for each question?
LogiCrossword: Narnia Children
Can you fill in the names of the four Pevensie children from 'The Chronicles of Narnia' with NO letters or hints provided?
Complete the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies (2010s)
Don't worry, we're not playing the entire movie or anything. Your spoilers are safe.
Get the Picture: Flies or Rings?
Can you choose whether each first name is a character from Lord of the Flies or The Lord of the Rings?
Harry Potter Venn Diagram III
We tried casting "Venn diagramus" and nothing came of it except weird looks from our neighbors.
The Hunger Games Trilogy First Sentences
We find it hard to concentrate on any sort of games when we're really hungry.
Get the Picture: Tintin or Rin Tin Tin
Can you correctly pick if either Tintin or Rin Tin Tin meet the following criteria?
Young Adult Series Protagonists: At the Beginning
Pick the protagonists of these young adult series' by a summary of their circumstances near the start of the first book.
Harry Potter Name Game
Playing the name game would be easier if we didn't have He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
Missing Word Spiral: Books II
Can you fill in this crossword with overlapping parts of book titles?
Anyone but Draco Malfoy
"Think my name's funny, do you?" Also yes. We do.
Get the Picture: Trunchbull or Umbridge?
Can you choose which notorious headmistress from children's fiction fits the given clue?
Who Wrote That 'G' Book?
We feel like Graham Greene should be a valid answer for all of these.
Harry Potter: Spell Spelling
We're not sure how much of a spellcaster this will make you, but let us know how it goes.
Book Series Math
Can you substitute each book with the number they were in the series (excluding prequels) to solve the math equation?
Green The Grid Blitz: Literature
Name the literature terms hidden below in order to green the grid.
Districts by Industry
Name the districts of Panem by a photo of their industries.
Harry Potter: In One Book, but Not the Other
Can you choose the option which happens in one specified Harry Potter book, but *NOT* in a specified other one?
Harry Potter Books About Rubeus Hagrid
According to Orson Scott Card, rewriting stories from the perspective of other characters is the hardest thing to do.
Ginny Weasley, This Is Your Life
It's a life that involves a lot of brothers.
Pick 3 Young Adult Books
Can you pick three young adult books to fit each hint?
Missing Word: Little Women Chapter Titles
Pick the word that completes these chapter titles from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.
Author Phonetic Name Match
Their books would be much harder to read if they were all written in the international phonetic alphabet.
Which of the Little Women?
Can you choose the March sister from 'Little Women'* for each description?
YA Book to Author Match
Match the YA Author to the book they wrote.
Let's Draw Camp Half Blood
Can you draw Camp Half Blood by answering trivia?
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