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Harry Potter Hogwarts Students Criteria
Pick the Harry Potter Hogwarts Students that Match all the Criteria.
No Hint Sorting Gallery: Literature
It's like a mystery, in quiz form.
Riverdale: Betty or Veronica?
With the way Riverdale is going, soon we're going to find out that Betty and Veronica are somehow related.
Literary Sixes
If good things come in threes, we can only imagine what must come in sixes.
Hogwarts Ancient Runes Exam
Here's a quiz that definitely won't 'rune' your day.
Harry Potter Family Tree (Picture Click)
Pick the members of the Weasley family tree.
Harry Potter Maze: Logic
Can you use the logical clues to click the right path of Harry Potter Characters, whilst avoiding those who don't form the chain? (see game note)
Dahl Book by Opening Line
"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."
Which Twilight Saga Book?
Name the Twilight Saga Book in which these situations happen.
Draco Malfoy, This Is Your Life
Play this quiz, or our father is going to hear about this!
'13 Reasons Why' Characters by Picture
20 characters, 13 reasons, 1 quiz.
Anyone but Harry Potter
This is the only time that Harry Potter is the one who must not be named.
Harry Potter Boggart Logic Puzzle
Can you put the witches and wizards in the right squares? Read Parvati's clue to find out what to do!
Harry Potter Character by Dissertation Title
Let's be honest, Hermione is basically the only character that would go for her doctorate.
Narnia Characters
Yes, it's the Chronic—what?—cles of Narnia.
Names Missing From Book Titles
Oh to have one's name on the cover of a book...even if it were to go missing.
Harry Potter Matures
Wait -- when did Harry grow a beard?
Lost for Words: Literary Characters
This quiz about books contains no words whatsoever.
'Harry Potter' Themed Trivia
Harry Potter has finally made its way through all 15 Sporcle categories.
15 Seconds: Harry Potter
If you don't do well, just flip your Time Turner and try again.
Humans Who Visited Narnia
For all the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve who love the books.
That's a Dragon!
For your own protection, you should really be able to identify dragons.
'Divergent' Factions
One choice can transform you...
Who Said It: To Kill a Mockingbird
"Tweet tweet." - The mockingbird
Who Wrote That 'A' Book?
These books didn't write themselves.
Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom: Logic Puzzle
Can you put the Harry Potter characters in the correct boxes?
Young Adult Fiction Novels by Description
These descriptions weren't written by young adults, they would have been too moody.
Kid's Book Series Sort-O-Rama
If you were a kid at some point, you probably read at least one of these.
YA Book Character Illustrations
Some of these characters were our childhood friends.
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