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Harry Potter Logic Puzzle II
Hermoine can use the Time-Turner to save Buckbeak but not Sirius Black, so we are not sure logic plays a vital role in Harry Potter land.
The Harry Potter 'Periodic Table'
If you make it through this entire quiz without breaking a sweat, you really must be an insufferable know-it-all.
Click a Cover: Female Narrators
The books below all have a single first-person narrator. Can you click the ones with a female narrator while avoiding those with a male narrator?
Riverdale or Pretty Little Liars?
No matter what show they're on, they're all liars.
Riverdale: Betty or Veronica?
With the way Riverdale is going, soon we're going to find out that Betty and Veronica are somehow related.
Harry Potter Murder Mystery (Elimination)
As Voldemort's forces build, another murder has taken place. Can you eliminate all the possible locations, killers and weapons; leaving only the real ones**?
Best Young Adult Books by Cover
It's time to judge these books by their covers.
Criteria Characters: Harry Potter II
The hard part is figuring out if it's secretly Tonks in disguise.
Weasley Children Youngest to Oldest
Plenty of hand-me-down dress robes to choose from.
If They Were Muggles
Siriusly, these characters would have no idea how to function in the muggle world.
Harry Potter Characters: Two Word Alliterations
Pick the Harry Potter character best described by these two word alliterative phrases.
Hogwarts Apparition Exam
Doesn't just about everyone wish they could attend Hogwarts?
Harry Potter Start to Finish
Pick the events in the life of Harry Potter in the order in which they happened.
Black the Block: Literature
Can you answer each Literature-themed question below to black out the grid and reveal the hidden final answer? (See 'How to Play' for further instructions)
Harry Potter Character Sorting Blitz
You'll need more than just spells if you want to make it through this.
Anyone but Cho Chang
Name the top 200 Harry Potter-characters (apart from Cho Chang) that ....
Which Harry Potter Character?
Can you choose the Harry Potter Character for every question?
One of Two: Harry Potter Edition
We have to assume the Weasley twins are responsible for this.
Word Ladder: Books Missing Words
Name the four letter words, all of which are taken from book titles, and find the name of a piece of furniture.
Hogwarts Students Logic Puzzle
Can you put the Hogwarts students in the correct boxes?
Harry Potter but It's Ron
Match these reimagining of the Harry Potter books with the original title they were based on.
Young Adult Bunker
Characters in YA novels all had a way more interesting high school life than we did.
Harry Potter Character by Dissertation Title
Let's be honest, Hermione is basically the only character that would go for her doctorate.
Harry Potter: What's Missing?
Disclaimer: Revelio charms will not work on this quiz.
Criteria Quiz/Sorting Gallery: Harry Potter
As if criteria quizzes weren't hard enough... Can you do this 7 to 1 sorting gallery of ever-shrinking Criteria Quizzes all about the Harry Potter novels and movies? (see How to Play)
Harry Potter Venn Diagram
Slytherclaws and Gryffinpuffs welcome.
Draco Malfoy Start to Finish
Pick the events in the life of Draco Malfoy in the order in which they happened.
Harry Potter Neighbourly Logic Puzzle #1
Each character lists the characters to whom they are adjacent. All rows are either male-only or female-only. Can you put the characters in the correct boxes?
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