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Was I Alive in 1900?
1900 was a good time for facial hair.
Was I Alive in 1800?
Not a question you'd ask yourself every day. But for some, worth pondering.
Was I Alive?
On the surface, this history quiz might seem simple, but don't get yourself blocked.
One-Hit Wonder by Song Title (1990s)
What is love? We're pretty sure these guys know.
Quick Pick: Birthstones
Pick the birthstone corresponding to each month of the year.
Champions League Finals Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each Champions League (or European Cup) final?
Calendar Clicking
Can you click these US holidays in the order in which they fall during the calendar year?
Stellar Profile: Sun
If you're good with solar system trivia, this could be your moment in the sun.
War Bunker
An army of octopuses would be the most well-armed around.
Before or After Champions League?
Can you decide whether each team's highest finish in the European Cup/Champions League came (B)efore or (A)fter the name change in 1992?
Manchester Derby XIs
Name the players who started in a Premier League Manchester derby between the 2010-11 and 2014-15 seasons.
Was it a Country in the Year 1900 AD?
We won't even bother including South Sudan on this one.
World Cup Finals Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each soccer World Cup final?
100 Years of Historical Figures
One or two things can happen throughout the course of 100 years.
Quick Pick: Movies of 2018
Pick the missing words and complete movie titles of 2018.
NBA Team by Championship Years
When you realize that two teams have a combined 33 championships, you start to feel bad for the 12 NBA teams with none.
Dutch Premier League Managers
Name the Dutchmen who have managed in the Premier League.
Where Did It Happen II? (US History)
You'll have to be more specific than: "Somewhere between sea and shining sea."
Countries of the World: 1900
It turns out the world has changed a little bit since 1900.
Former Countries' Borders
Name the former neighbors if Europe for it.
Spanish Premier League Managers
Name the Spaniards who have managed in the Premier League.
Champions League and Europa League Winning Managers
Name the soccer managers who have won the Champions League (or European Cup) and the Europa League (or UEFA Cup).
100 Years, 100 MLB Stars
A little reminder that the MLB has been around for rather a long time.
True or False Blitz: History
If you do poorly on this quiz, you may need some history Tudoring.
100 Years of Movie Stars
The movie marathon of a lifetime.
Years by European History Events
This is history in the making.
Ten Years of Big 4 Champions
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
Consecutive World Cup Teams
You'll definitely need to use your head here.
NBA Teams by Finals Loss
There's always next year.
Countries of the World in 1900
We're about to take a trip back to the time when the sun never set on the British Empire.
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