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Same Year They Played an Animated Movie Character
Animation and live action? Is there anything they can't do?
US History Image Timeline
Can you determine where each event (described on the gray hint bar) occurred on this timeline, which expands after each answer? Enter the corresponding letter which appears among the dates presented on each new slide.
Quick Pick: Movies of 2009
Pick the missing words and complete movie titles of 2009.
TV Shows That Began & Ended the Same Years II
Ending the year you began probably isn't the best look for television.
Logos Through The Ages: UPS
This quiz might have its UPS and downs.
20th Century Wars in Order
Here's one of those times memorizing all those dates in high school will actually help.
Which 1990s Year?
The answer lies between 1990 and 1999.
Happened To Happen on a Holiday!
Can you choose the correct answer to these trivia questions about notable events that happened to happen on holidays?
10 to 1: 2018 Historical Anniversaries
Pick the (historical) events that celebrated their anniversary in 2018.
20th Century History: May
Just to be clear, the month of May existed in other centuries as well.
#2 Hits of 1992 - Image Multiple Choice
Do you remember who sang the Billboard #2 songs of 1992 AND what they all looked like?
Black the Block: History
Just don't use a sharpie on your computer screen to fill in the blocks.
Published Before 1900 Redux
Pick the works of literature that were published before 1900.
Click in the Blank: 2018 YA Titles
Complete the titles of these 2018 YA books by clicking the correct blanks.
40 Years - 3 Events
Can you choose the correct year that all three events given took place?
Mobile Phone Firsts
Pick the phone responsible for these mobile phone firsts.
Poster Portions (2009)
Can you identify these 50 little slivers of marketing?
Disneyland Attractions in Order
Can you place the Disneyland attractions in order by when they opened?
Quick Pick: 2008 Events
Pick the country in which each of these 2008 events occurred.
Facilities Onboard the Titanic
Pick the facilities below which were on board the RMS Titanic? .
Missing Word: 2016 Movies (A-Z)
Name the words missing from these movie titles released in 2016.
Iconic Cars - 2010s [Picture Click]
Can you click the correct iconic car of the 2010s era to match each description?
Earliest to Most Recent: Asia
Pick the historical events that happened in Asia from earliest up to the most recent.
Quick Pick: Movies of 2010
Pick the missing words and complete movie titles of 2010.
Logos Through the Ages: Shell
Long time car owners have an upper hand.
Plural Band Names
There are some singularly great bands with plural names.
A Fool's Easter
Can you name every year from 1701 to 2018 in which Easter* has fallen on April Fools' Day?
Which 2000s Year?
If you don't know the answer, you can always look it up on your iPhone.
Was It a Country in the Year 1900 AD?
We won't even bother including South Sudan on this one.
The Same Year As: Hit Singles Edition
When world history meets pop music.
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