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Quick Pick: Athletes III
Pick the correct sport for each athlete.
WWE Champions
The World Wrestling Entertainment (formerly World Wrestling Federation) Championship was first awarded in 1963. Since that time, close to 50 wrestlers have held the championship.
WWE Wrestlemania Main Events
Get ready for Wrestlemania 28 by naming these main eventers.
Quick Pick: Athletes IV
Pick the correct sport for each athlete.
WWE Intercontinental Champions
If you need more wrestling after taking this quiz, you could check out the 5 hour DVDs of twenty years of the Championship.
Quick Pick: Athletes V
Pick the correct sport for each athlete.
WWE Heavyweight Champs
Keeping track of the different types of WWE Championships might be a quiz in its own right.
Quick Pick: Athletes VI
Pick the correct sport for each athlete.
Quick Pick: Athletes II
Pick the correct sport for each athlete.
WrestleMania World Title Matches
The WWE really went all in with the letter W.
A Decade of Sports (2010s)
Who is your choice for the team of the decade?
Royal Rumble Winners
It is hard to believe that Jesse 'The Body' Ventura never made this list. Do you know who has?
World Champion Countries
Here's a sports quiz where some geography knowledge will come in handy.
Quick Pick: Sport by Famous Athletes
Pick the correct sport for each pair of athletes.
WWE PPV Opponents of Brock Lesnar
Anyone who doesn't imitate Paul Heyman when saying "Brock Lesnar" doesn't know how to say the name right.
Quick Pick: Athletes VIII
Pick the correct sport for each athlete.
Sportspeople of the 2010s
Can you select the 20 sportspeople of the 2010s as decided by Sky Sports?
Wrestlemania Main Event Minefield
Pick the Wrestlemania Main Eventers.
NWA/WCW/WWE United States Champions
The United States Championship has a quite a history...well, at least, David Arquette never won it.
Most WWE Belts
Most men will never have enough muscle or speedos to top this list.
90 Second Blitz: WWE Champions
The shortest championship reigns ever.
Quick Pick: Athletes VII
Pick the correct sport for each athlete.
Drew McIntyre ****+ Partners & Opponents
Name the partners and opponents Drew McIntyre has faced in ****+ matches according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
Most WWF/WWE Matches 1980-2009
This one goes out to the memory of the "Macho Man" Randy Savage (1952-2011)
Most Royal Rumble Match Appearances
If you rumble too many times do you just start tumbling?
Pro Wrestlers: Real Name or Not?
These are some of the toughest names around.
WWE Royal Rumble Final Four
It's much more fun to play this quiz while gripping a steel folding chair.
Every WrestleMania Match 1-31!
Happy WrestleMania day!
WWE Elimination Chamber Participants
People should resolve conflict more the WWE way. Didn't take out the trash? Take it to the ring.
WWE Wrestler by Catchphrase
It's a rite of passage for WWE wrestlers to have their own catchphrase.
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