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Monarchs Who Died in Battle
Match the Monarchs who died with the battle and war.
Monarchs of France since 1328 by Portrait
Name the Monarchs of France since 1328 by Portrait.
A Not So Special Relationship
Name the leaders of the US and UK that were in office at the same time and were in 'opposing political parties'? (Matches are Democrat/Conservative or Republican/Labour combinations). Just enter both surnames, in either order..
English Kings by Death
Divorced, beheaded, died, div... wrong thing.
Which Royal House?
Can you pick which Royal House the English/British monarchs belonged to?
20th Century leaders and when they came to power
Match the 20th century world leader to the year they first came to power in the given position.
The Grandmother of Europe
Name the Great Grandchildren of Queen Victoria.
Things Named After Indira Gandhi (Clickable)
Pick the things officially named after Indira Gandhi.
Country by World Leader (Asia)
Match the Asian world leader (past or present) to the nation that they ruled.
Country by Monarch (Images)
Name the country from the picture of its reigning monarch.
Current World Leaders Name Match
Just a note: Nursultan, Uhuru, and Yingluck will probably not make the list of top baby names for 2013. Sad.
The first British monarch to... (click)
Be the first on your block to play this quiz!
World Leaders by Description
How come you never see any of those 'LEADERSHIP' posters with a picture of a 45-ton Soviet tank?
Russian Leaders (Slideshow)
You will play this quiz now, Comrade.
Empires by Leader (Clickable)
You'll find everyone but Palpatine and the Galactic Empire here.
Mexican Leaders by Picture
Come for the food; stay for the quiz.
British Prime Ministers (Slideshow)
The slides in this Prime Minister quiz are numbered 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 . . .
Country by Head of State
If the world should end, this quiz tells us who we should blame.
Latin American Leader Match Up
Pick the Latin American leaders that reigned over the same country along with which country they ruled.
Statues in the National Statuary Hall (Pictures)
Name the people pictured below based on their statue in the U.S. National Statuary Hall Collection.
1900 World Leaders Match
Match the World Leaders from 1900.
Cities by Assassination
Pick the city in which these prominent people were assassinated.
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