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Who's that with Fidel Castro?
Can you identify each person pictured with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro?
World Leaders New Year's Resolutions
Can you select the world leaders based on their New Year's Resolutions?
Quick Pick: UN Secretaries-General Nationalities
Pick the nationalities of the Secretaries-General of the United Nations.
Asian leaders by decade
Match the Asian leaders and the decade they first commenced their leadership.
TIME 100 2016 - Leaders (slides)
Can you name TIME's most influential people of 2016 in the category Leaders?
Leaders of Nuclear Countries
Name the leaders of these countries which are known or presumed to have had nuclear weapons (or performed nuclear tests)?*.
World Leader Signatures
Name the Signatures of Various World Leaders.
Worldwide 2016 Presidential Elections
Match the people officially or potentially running for president to their respective countries.
World Leader/Year Match-up
Pick the leaders of these countries by the dates of their rule.
Children of G20 Leaders
Match the following heads of government of G20 member states to the names of their children (as of January 1, 2019).
Latin American leaders
Match these Latin American leaders to their countries.
► World Leaders - Europe
Click the country corresponding to each of these European figures, who have various leadership roles.
World Leaders Eating Food
Name the world leaders when shown a picture of them eating or drinking.
The Leaders Liz Left Behind
Name the leaders of the major Allied and Axis powers that Queen Elizabeth II has outlasted.
Multiple Monarch Monikers
Name the names shared by multiple monarchs of either England/U.K. or France.
Political Leader Legos
Name the political leaders based on their Lego likenesses and clues.
African Independence Leaders
Match these African independence leaders with the nations they led.
17th Century English Monarchs (Clickable)
Pick the English monarchs who reigned during the seventeenth century.
World Leaders by Children
Name the world leader from one of their children and that child's life span.
Interwoven Global Leaders
Can you name leaders from around the globe whose first and last names are intermingled?
First Female World Leader by Country
Name the country for which each person served as the first female head of state/government.
The World Leader's Life (1800's)
Match the world leaders to their lifespans.
Prime Ministers of Israel by Picture
Name the Prime Ministers of Israel by Picture.
20th Century British Monarchs (Clickable)
Pick the British monarchs who reigned during the twentieth century.
Organization Leaders Matching
Pick the correct Organization when given one of its leaders.
German politician by image
Name the German politicians* by image.
Soviet Leader Name Match-Up
Match the first and last names of these Soviet leaders.
Russian Leaders by Russian Doll
Name the Russian leaders in this set of Russian dolls.
Canadian Prime Minister First Name per Letter
Can you give the first name of a Canadian Prime Minister for each applicable letter of the alphabet?
World Leader Overlaps
(Y)es or (N)o - Were the pair of world leaders ever both heads of state and/or government at the same time?
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