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42 Assassins
The word 'assassin' is pretty hilarious until you find out what it means.
Labour Party Prime Ministers
Call us crazy, but here in the U.S. "Labour" and "Party" rarely go hand in hand.
Longest Reigning English Monarchs
Long live the king (or queen)!
'Y' in History
History is just filled with a bunch of yokels!
World Leaders in 1939
Name the World Leaders on September 1, 1939.
Birth Place of the Monarchs of England
Name the Birth Places of the Monarchs of England.
Baby Names: Royal Baby Names
This quiz definitely needs more Pippa.
Queen Victoria's Grandchildren
Name the Grandchildren of Queen Victoria.
Name a British Prime Minister Who...
We've been racking our brains for a good Doctor Who or Sherlock tie in to this quiz, but we just can't find one.
Monarchs of England by Reign
Name the Monarchs of England by Reign.
The Can You Spell Gadaffi Quiz
This may be the strangest spelling bee of all time.
Nicknames Kings and Queens
'The Crouchback' doesn't sound all that flattering to us.
British Monarch by Description
They're all wearing a crown of some type, it must be hard to tell them apart.
History without 'History'
Name these historical figures that have had the letters H, I, S, T, O, R, and Y removed from their names.
UK Members of Parliament Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each UK Member of Parliament (MP)?
Presidents By Sporcle Subcategories
Pick the U.S. President surnames based on clues from multiple Sporcle subcategories.
Get the Picture: African Presidents
Can you choose which of these African Politicans the clue describes?
First One - Last One (History)
Name the first and last.
Failed Assassination Attempts
Intelligence is obviously not a mandatory qualification for would-be assassins.
Extended Knowledge: US Presidents
Can you figure out the president of the United States when given their middle name?
Facts of his Life: Pope Francis
Can you choose the correct answer to each clue about Pope Francis?
Historically Influential People by Bust
Can You Identify the Influential Person by Their Bust?
Historical Weekends
Pick the Historical events that happened on Saturday or Sunday.
Without Sporcle: History
Historically speaking, everyone was without Sporcle prior to 2007. How did we ever manage?
First Gulf War Match
Is this the mother of all war quizzes?
US Presidents Playing Sports
Clearly, athletic ability is not a prerequisite for being President.
Heads of Government by Flag
Name the heads of government of these countries based on their flag.
World Leaders: Multiple Choice X
Can you choose the country each person led?
World Leaders' Eyes
We've got our eyes on you.
10 to 1: Pre-Columbian Americas
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind...
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