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'B' in History II
A 'B' in History sounds like a pretty solid grade to us.
European Countries by History
It's good to be the king.
President or Not?
This quiz is easier than you think: Can you determine if each person was President of France (F), Co-Prince of Andorra (C), Both (B) or Neither (N)?
US Presidents: Succeeding the Assassinated
Under these circumstances, nobody wants to be voted Most Likely to Succeed.
Monarchs of Spain
Regardless of which country they are ruling, nobility sure do love their roman numerals.
Famous From the 19th Century
A quiz about the 19th century? We hear they didn't even have the Internet back then.
Donald Trump: Multiple Choice
You'll be happy to hear that this quiz isn't about crowd size.
10-to-1: History
We thought counting was more of a math thing.
Where Was I Dictator?
Stop Stalin and take this quiz!
World War II Leaders by Photo
Some leaders rise to greatness, others fall into demise.
US Presidents by First Letter Blitz
If you want a challenge, try entering only presidents with long surnames.
Famous Females 7-to-1
Anything men can do, these women can do better.
Famous Historical 'A' First Names
You better bring your A-game.
Country Match: Footballers and Politicians
Match the Footballers and Politicians who represented the same country together.
World Leaders' Signatures
Legible handwriting is obviously not a requirement to lead a country.
Communist Leaders Match-Up
There ain't no party like the Communist Party.
Famous Figures by Country of Birth
This quiz is much more fun than (and yet oddly similar to) our other hobby of gluing celebrity heads onto an Atlas.
Civilizations by Historical Leader II
"I have no intention of sharing my authority" - Louis XVI
History without 'History'
Name these historical figures that have had the letters H, I, S, T, O, R, and Y removed from their names.
Hitler, Stalin, Castro, or Mao?
Can you pick whether the following things are true of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, or Mao Zedong?
Presidents Minefield Blitz
Can you choose a President in the prompted category as quickly as possible without making an error?
Famous Historical 'C' First Names
These people certainly knew how to make a name for themselves.
People of the Millennium
These are more or less the 100 people that did the most to shape our world, somehow I feel I should know more of them.
First Five: History
The oldest of the ancient wonders is the only one still in existence; can you name it?
Soviet Leaders in Chronological Order
In Soviet Russia, quizzes play you.
Communist Figures Name Match-Up
When you finish, the wrong answers are red...but the correct answers are red too!
Communist or Fascist?
Some would say it's a distinction without a difference, so, focus on the distinction.
Famous From the 18th Century
This quiz is like a magical time machine, without all the Bill and Ted hijinks.
Most-Followed Twitter Accounts
Name the individual accounts that have the most followers on Twitter when given their profile pictures.
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