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Where Was I Dictator?
Stop Stalin and take this quiz!
What Country Did I Lead?
So, is this a history quiz or a geography quiz?
Where Did It Happen? (20th Century)
For those that like a little geography with their history.
Historical Tweets II
I believe it was Churchill who said 'History is tweeted by the victors.'
Where Did It Happen? (21st Century)
You know when they happened, but do you know where?
What Country Did I Lead? II
These rulers really lead the pack.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: History
Recorded history is so massive at this point that even the mega-est gallery couldn't hold it.
► 100 Years of Historical Figures
Can you name world leaders (and some known worldwide for their 'leadership') in this history timeline? (Regnal numbers are required when applicable).
Monarchs of England
Don't hold your breathe Charles. You'll never, ever, ever be in this quiz.
History Speed-Picking
This quiz will have you picking and choosing your way through history.
Anyone but US Presidents
There haven't been all that many US Presidents, so it's not like this is some exclusive club.
Spot the... French Presidents
Can you click the people who served as President of France, ignoring the people who did not?
British Monarchs Minefield
Here's a first: The opportunity to pick your own monarch.
Prime Ministers of the UK
Quick name these guys and gals before Parliament gets dissolved.
World Leaders by First Names
Now you can tell all your friends that you know these world leaders on a first name basis.
5 to 1: US Presidents
"Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people."
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz VII
Literally anything could show up in this quiz, and there's not a thing you can do about it.
Prime Ministers (Redux)
Optimus Prime Minister is a free band name just there for the taking.
US Presidents (Clickable)
Pick the Presidents of the USA, without picking a fake.
Historical Puns
Here we present a synopsis of the First Pun-ic War.
Soviet Leaders in Chronological Order
In Soviet Russia, quizzes play you.
US Senators
A couple of these folks are running for President of the United States, can you name the ones that aren't as well?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History III
Are submarines a subset of marines?
Historical Anagrams
This is just one big, historical mix-up.
20th Century World Leaders
These are some of the most important leaders of our times.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History
You might not be a history buff, but at least you have a 1-in-4 chance.
Spot the... British Prime Ministers
Can you click the people who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, ignoring the people who did not?
100 Most Influential Americans
Begin debate about influence in 3-2-1...
World Leaders' Signatures
Legible handwriting is obviously not a requirement to lead a country.
World Leaders: “Back in a Bit…”
Sometimes you just need a quick break.
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