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2018 World Cup Teams
Place your bets.
2014 World Cup Stars
Sporcle is ready for the 2014 World Cup. Are you?
2018 World Cup Stars
For now, the stars of the World Cup are completely earthbound.
FIFA World Cup Teams
I bet most teams are just happy to qualify...well perhaps not.
All-time Premier League World Cup finalists
Name the players to have ever played in the Premier League and World Cup final.
Anyone But Rabah Madjer
Can you name Anyone But Rabah Madjer?
Click the 2018 FIFA World Cup Countries
Let's see if you actually paid attention during the World Cup this year.
World Cup Final Four
Nations come and go, but the World Cup is forever!
2018 FIFA World Cup Teams (Redux)
Pick the countries from each soccer confederation that qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and avoid the decoys.
Multi-Category Fivesomes
Can you click the members of a fivesome for each Sporcle Category?
Defeats of Belgium in Soccer
Name the teams that defeated Belgium in football since 2000 .
Clubs of World Cup winners : France 2018
Name the Clubs of World Cup winners : France 2018.
World Cup Winners
Since only a handful of people really follow soccer, we don't expect this quiz to be popular.
Big, but Never in the World Cup
Name the biggest countries, by population, never to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.
I Scored at 3 World Cups
...and all I got was this lousy quiz.
Premier League Players in 2018 World Cup
These guys are the premier players at the World Cup.
Soccer Surnames Picture Click
Just try not to fall short of the goal.
2018 World Cup Trivia
Sporcle's national team didn't make the cut, unfortunately.
FIFA World Cup Bunker
Are you ready for the big Belgium-USA match today? Try this quiz to test your World Cup knowledge!
World Cup Final Teams
Only 12 different teams have ever made it to a World Cup final match. Can you name them?
Last Five: World Soccer Winners
You could say that these teams reached their goals.
England's World Cup 2018 Squad Logic Quiz
Using England's 23 man World Cup 2018 squad and the manager as answers, can you get round the grid without getting a wrong answer? (Touching means a box Above, Below, Left or Right. Not Diagonally) All stats are as of the end of The World Cup 2018
Last FIFA World Cup Debutants
Name the last countries to make their debut in the FIFA World Cup.
FIFA World Cup 2018: Full results by Flags
With each match, can you give the results of the match between the two teams against each other in the FIFA World Cup 2018? See the answer rules in Game Note.
International Soccer Cup Winners
This quiz proves that this soccer thing could really catch on around the world.
FIFA World Cup Participants Minefield
It's probably a bad idea to run around on a field filled with mines.
All Croatia's World Cup Opponents
Can you name all of Croatia's World Cup Opponents?
Premier League Players at World Cup by Nation
Everyone's gotta start somewhere.
Top 4 World Cup Finish Without Ever Winning
A wise man once said, "If you're not first, you're last."
Largest World Cup Winning Margins
If you're going to win, it's best to win big.
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