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World Cup: Leagues better than National Teams
Pick the FIFA Nations to have never qualified for a world cup (up until 2018) but to have sent a player from their league there.
Sports Mini-Minefields
Name the five correct answers in each set, without naming any of the wrong answers.
World Cup Ultra-Survivors
Name the players picked for the last four World Cups (2006, 2010, 2014, 2018).
Shameful Sportspeople
Can you pick how each sportsperson cheated?
All-time Italy FIFA World Cup goalscorers
A little Italian treat for National Lasagna Day!
2019 Cricket World Cup Captains
Match the 2019 Cricket World Cup Captains to their teams.
Perfect in a World Cup Group Stage
All ready for the knockout stage!
Sporting Events by Locations
Pick the sporting event based its last three locations.
2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Teams
Have you been following along this year?
Find 5 - Cricket World Cup 2019
Can you pick 5 players from each World Cup squad?
Women's World Cup Final Four
Apologies to fifth place.
🌹⚽ Between Abuja and Oslo
Click on the given places (soccer balls), which are located between Abuja and Oslo.
Quick Pick: Every Women's World Cup
Can you quickly pick the national teams that participated in every FIFA Women's World Cup in soccer?
World Cup Team by Graph 2018
Name the teams participating in the 2018 FIFA World Cup based on a graph of their FIFA World Ranking since January 2000.
FIFA Women's World Cup Top 4 Crossword
Can you fill the crossword with national teams given their best result in a FIFA Women's World Cup?
Did they make the World Cup Final?
For each Men's World Cup year listed, can you pick the team that did NOT make the final (last 2) that year?
US Women's World Cup All-Time Goal Scorers
Name the US Women's World Cup All-Time Goal Scorers.
Football: Women's World Cup Teams 2019
Name the qualifiers for the World Cup 2019.
England Women's World Cup XI
Pick the England Women's World Cup First XI.
Men's & Women's World Cup
When it comes to sports quizzes, our cup runneth over.
USWNT 2019 World Cup squad
Name the 2019 World Cup squad for the US Women's National Soccer Team.
Efficient World Cup Countries
Name the current FIFA Nations who've won the most World Cup points per million population.
FIFA World Cup debutant finalists
Can you pick which nation made their debut in the FIFA World Cup final in the year mentioned?*
All England's World Cup Opponents
Can you name all of England's World Cup Opponents?
World Cup Match-Ups
Name the teams playing these games by their shortened FIFA names.
FIFA World Cup - Last Place in Each Group (98-18)
When will they start instituting the good old "participation trophy"?
Rugby World Cup Teams by Best Result
Pick the countries by their best result in the Rugby World Cup.
Get the Picture: Flags III
Can you choose the correct flag to answer the question?
World Cup: Even Champions Lose
It can be tough living up to the hype!
FIFA World Cup Winners Clubs
Name the teams that provided the most number of players to the FIFA World Cup winners.
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