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Clickable Campaign - 1987 Cricket World Cup
Pick the correct answers to lead your team to the 1987 Cricket World Cup
ICC Test match rankings 2020
Can you place the ICC Test Rankings of 2020 in order?
Rugby World Cup Final Countries
Pick the countries of the world that have competed in the Rugby World Cup final? (Men's or Women's).
Brazilian Footballers
Riodejaneiro passes to Granpianho. Armadillho, Sanmarinho. GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!
Cricket World Cup 2019 - every centurion
Can you name every player who scored a century in the 2019 Cricket World Cup?
Venues at Cricket World Cup 2019
Name the cities where the Cricket World Cup 2019 will take place.
Spain World Cup XI 2014 where did they play?
Name the teams the Spain World Cup XI 2014 played for in their career.
World Cup 2018 Logic Quiz
Using the 32 World Cup 2018 teams as answers, can you get round the grid without getting a wrong answer? (Touching means a box Above, Below, Left or Right. Not Diagonally)
World Cup: Upsetting the Hosts
There's no reason to be upset. Another World Cup will come around in four years.
Continent Pairs
Africa and South America would make a cute couple.
Quick Pick: Famous Soccer Subs
Can you quickly pick the soccer players from the descriptions of famous substitutions they were involved in?
Premier League Players at World Cup by Nation
Everyone's gotta start somewhere.
Rugby Venn Diagram
Can you click the most accurate section of the Venn diagram* for each rugby player?
Quick Pick: Sport by Famous Athletes
Pick the correct sport for each pair of athletes.
Click the Cricket World Twenty20 Teams (Picture Click)
Pick the geographic entities* that have ever participated in the finals of the ICC World Twenty20.
Clubs of World Cup winners : Germany 2014
Name the Clubs of World Cup winners : Germany 2014.
Newcastle United Players in Tournament Squads (1990-)
Name the Newcastle United players that were part of the squads of their national teams during these continental and intercontinental tournaments.
Player A-Z: Belgium National Team
Can you name a player who has 10 or more caps for the Belgian national team for every letter of the alphabet?
Player A-Z: Italy National Team
Can you name a player who has 10 or more caps for the Italian national team for every letter of the alphabet?
World Cup History Logic Puzzle
Can you find the correct boxes for the 16 countries that have hosted the football/soccer World Cup, using trivia and logic?
FIFA World Cup & Champions League Final (slideshow)
Name the players that have played in a FIFA World Cup final & Champions League final*?
We Didn't Make The World Cup!
Even though they didn't make the World Cup, at least they made this quiz. Consolation prize?
France tournament squads 1986 - 2016
Name the France tournament squads 1986 - 2014.
FIFA World Cup Logic Quiz
Name the countries who (W)on (L)ost and (D)rew in their matches.
World Cup Logic Puzzle
Name the Countries that Were Eliminated in the (G)roup Stage, Made the (K)nockout Stage, and Were (F)inalists.
Ligue 1 Top 10 goalscorers 1990 - 2015
Name the Ligue 1 yearly Top 10 goalscorers from 1990 to 2015.
England World Cup Squads Since 1970
Name the England World Cup Squads.
Anyone But Mathieu Valbuena
Can you name Anyone But Mathieu Valbuena?
Quick Pick: World Cup Final Scorers
Can you quickly pick which of the following players have scored in a World Cup final whilst avoiding the decoys?
Quick Pick: World Cup Red Cards
Can you quickly pick the soccer players from the descriptions of the red cards they received at various World Cups?
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