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Black the Block: Sports
Normally if you want blocks in sports, you talk to Dikembe Mutombo.
Venues at Cricket World Cup 2019
Name the cities where the Cricket World Cup 2019 will take place.
New Zealand's Squad at Cricket World Cup 2019
Click the players of New Zealand who will be playing in the Cricket World Cup.
Trivia Pyramid: Sports
If you need a sports pyramid, cheerleaders are experts in the field.
Click the clubs of Nicolas Anelka
Can you click the clubs of Nicolas Anelka?
Spot the Difference XXVIII
Get your magnifying glass ready.
Paint the World Cup 2018
The perfect blend of athletic and artistic.
Top 4 World Cup Finish Without Ever Winning
A wise man once said, "If you're not first, you're last."
Quick Pick: Sports Events
Pick the sport for each event.
2016 Cricket World Twenty20 Teams
Name the teams that participated in the finals of the 2016 ICC World Twenty20.
Real Madrid Players in Tournament Squads (1990-)
Name the Real Madrid players that were part of the squads of their national teams during these continental and intercontinental tournaments.
300 First 10s by ANY 3 Letters
By any 3 letter sequence, can you name the first 10...
Player A-Z: France National Team
Can you name a player who has 10 or more caps for the French national team for every letter of the alphabet?
Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Venues
Every game in the 2014 World Cup will take place in these 12 host cities. How many do you know?
FIFA World Cup Host Countries
As you can see from this map, the World Cup still hasn't been held in Antarctica. Maybe someday.
FIFA World Cup Winners Starting XI
Name the FIFA World Cup Winners Starting XIs.
Netherlands Int FIFA World Cup /UEFA EURO XIs 1990-2014
Name the Netherlands International World Cup /EURO XIs 1990-2014.
Six Sixes in Sixty: Sports
Can you pick Six Items in Six Categories in Sixty Seconds: Sports?
Name every player to score 10+ goals in the World Cup
Name every player to score 10+ goals in the World Cup
Germany XI's : 2010's
Name the Germany XI's : 2010's.
Who played with Iker Casillas?
Name the players who played at least 50 matches with Iker Casillas.
Find Five: European football players III
Pick the football players according to the countries they represent in Europe.
World Cup Captains for India
Name the Captains for Team India in the history of the Cricket World Cup.
Cricket World Cup 2019 Crossword
Can you fill the Cricket World Cup 2019 Crossword?
Cricket World Cup 2019 Squads
Name the Cricket World Cup 2019 Squads.
England World Cup XI 2010 where did they play?
Name the teams the England World Cup XI 2010 played for in their career.
Click the clubs of Zinedine Zidane
Can you click the clubs of Zinedine Zidane?
2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Teams
Have you been following along this year?
15 Seconds: World Cup
Name the eight FIFA World Cup winners in 15 seconds.
Score a Goal at the World Cup
Can you make your way through opposition defense and score a goal using knowledge?
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