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Criteria Players: Liverpool
Pick the Liverpool players according to the criteria.
2006 World Cup Teams
We can't make the 2010 World Cup get here faster, but we can reminisce about the one from 2006.
World Cup Finals: Uruguay
For each World Cup Final played by Uruguay, can you tell if it resulted in a Win (W) or in a Loss (L)?
England's 2019 World Cup Winning Squad
Pick the members England's 2019 World Cup Winning Squad.
Scored For the FIFA World Cup Winners
Name the players who scored a goal for these FIFA World Cup winners?
Quick Pick: FIFA World Cup Winners
Pick the countries that have won the FIFA World Cup.
Sport by Numbers III
This quiz is a decathlon of sports factoids.
A Decade of Sports (1990s)
Michael Jordan's baseball stats did not make it into this quiz. Thankfully.
England's 1990 WC Squad
RIP Sir Bobby.
Les Bleus sélectionnés pour la Coupe du monde
Connaissez-vous tous les Bleus sélectionnés pour la Coupe du monde depuis 1998 ?
Seleções que já jogaram a Copa do Mundo
Você consegue citar todas as seleções que já jogaram a Copa do Mundo?
Cricket T20 World Cup Stats
Name the players who lead the given tables in different criteria of Cricket T20 World Cup.
2019 Cricket World Cup Captains
Match the 2019 Cricket World Cup Captains to their teams.
Cricket World Cup 2019 Squads
Name the Cricket World Cup 2019 Squads.
Cricket World Cup Trivia (Pre World Cup)
Answer the questions about the Cricket World Cup 2019
2010 World Cup by Top Goal Scorer
Let's see how much you've learned over the last few weeks.
FIFA Countries Ranked #1
Whoever said that one is a lonely number has never been ranked #1.
Consecutive World Cup Teams
You'll definitely need to use your head here.
France's 2018 World Cup Squad
Name the 2018 World Cup squad for France.
A Decade of Sports (1970s)
We wanted to include the XFL, but unfortunately it wasn't founded until 2001.
2010s in World Football
Name the teams winning these competitions in the 2010s.
Liverpool Players in Tournament Squads (1990-)
Name the Liverpool players that were part of the squads of their national teams during these continental and intercontinental tournaments.
Sports Subcategories Historically Speaking
Name the questions about each sports subcategory from a historical perspective.
Todos os participantes da Copa do Mundo FIFA
Cite todos os participantes da Copa do Mundo FIFA
World Cup Captains for India
Name the Captains for Team India in the history of the Cricket World Cup.
France's World Cup 2018 Squad Logic Quiz
Using France's 23 man World Cup 2018 squad and the manager as answers, can you get round the grid without getting a wrong answer? (Touching means a box Above, Below, Left or Right. Not Diagonally) All stats are as of the end of The World Cup 2018
Paint the World Cup 2018
The perfect blend of athletic and artistic.
World Cup Final Teams
Only 12 different teams have ever made it to a World Cup final match. Can you name them?
2014 World Cup Advancement Minefield
Pick the 16 nations to advance out of the group play in the 2014 World Cup WITHOUT BEING ELIMINATED.
FIFA World Cup finals - all facts
Name the facts about FIFA World Cup football/soccer finals after WWII.
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