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100 England Players
Name these 100 players that have represented the England men's national football team.
Smallest FIFA World Cup Countries
It doesn't matter how small your country is, as long as you can kick a ball and wear a faux-hawk you can do well in the world cup.
FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Winners
The Golden Boot Award goes to the top goalscorer of the World Cup...they don't recommend wearing it during gameplay.
World Cup: Top Scorers Slideshow
Name these footballers who have scored 10 goals or more in the FIFA World Cup.
What do you need to play cricket?
Name the basic equipment used to play cricket.
FIFA World Cup Golden Ball Winners
Whatever you do, don't try to kick a Ballon d'Or, it will really hurt.
Cricket ODI World Cup Stats
Name the players who lead the given tables in different criteria of Cricket WC.
Multiple World Cup Hosts
You've got to be extra prepared if you're going to host the World Cup more than once.
Le PSG et l'OL en Ligue des Champions
Connaissez-vous les parcours européens de l'OL et du PSG depuis 2000 ?
FIFA World Cup - Group Losers
Name the nations who have finished bottom of their group in each World Cup.
Criteria Countries: 2014 FIFA World Cup Edition
You can feel good about your score, as long as you do better than Spain.
2010 World Cup Teams
We tried to get Charlize Theron to present this quiz, but we had a little trouble locating her number.
World Cup Runners-Up
The World Cup: the thrill of victory; the agony of da-feet.
Women's World Cup Winners
This quiz is long overdue. Congrats to the FIFA Women's World Cup competitors!
Men's & Women's World Cup
When it comes to sports quizzes, our cup runneth over.
World Cup Population Clickable Minefield
Name the 2014 FIFA World Cup countries in order from most populous to least populous without making a mistake.
England's 2018 World Cup Squad
*insert joke about afternoon tea*
A Decade of Soccer (1990s)
Let's hearken back to the days of football when everyone was listening to the Spice Girls.
Most minutes for Socceroos at FIFA World Cups
Name the players who have the most minutes for the Socceroos at FIFA World Cups.
A Decade of Sports (1980s)
Those short shorts that basketball players used to wear were really something else.
Word Ladder: 2006 World Cup Moment
Can you provide the 4-letter words to find an iconic moment from the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final?
Ballon d'Or Winner & World Cup Finalist
We'd guess these guys have a pretty decent resume.
England's 2014 World Cup Squad
“Football is a simple game: 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win.” – Gary Lineker
FIFA World Cup Host Countries
As you can see from this map, the World Cup still hasn't been held in Antarctica. Maybe someday.
FIFA World Cup Quarter-Finalists
There's only a couple more years until the next World Cup. Who's ready?
Anyone but Gheorghe Popescu
Can you name anyone but Gheorghe Popescu, who fits the given criteria?
Click the Clubs of Ronaldo
Ah, the return of clubmaster Ronaldo.
2018 World Cup Teams
Place your bets.
Last Five: World Soccer Hosts
This is from when we still had sports tournaments. In the before times.
2018 France World Cup Winning Squad Career Paths
Name the career path of every member of France's 2018 World Cup Winning Squad.
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