World Cup Quizzes

FIFA World Cups with 48 Teams
Here's an idea of what the future holds!
World Soccer confederations
Seperating your CAF's from your CONCACAF's!
A Decade of Sports (1980s)
Those short shorts that basketball players used to wear were really something else.
FIFA World Cup Finalists by Official Language
GOAL! The universal language.
Soccer Surnames Picture Click
Can you correctly match the soccer players to the pictures describing their surname when given two teams they have played for and the position they played in?
FIFA World Cup Runners-up Starting XI
So close to getting their hands on the trophy.
Which Sporcle Quiz? (Slideshow)
A quiz about Sporcle quizzes!? We just need the 'Inception' music to play and life will be complete.
2014 World Cup Player/Country Match
Hold in there folks, only a year and a half to go until Russia 2018!
Did He Score a World Cup Hat Trick?
Certainly a rare feature.
Fifteen Groups of Eight
Can you identify all eight members of the following groups?
FIFA World Cup Finals
They've all had their hands on that glorious trophy.
Click Which 'ABC Country'
Can you pick whether the given information is true for Argentina, Brazil or Chile (the 'ABC Countries') in the given amount of time?
Soccer International Tournaments Top 5
Recognition across the continent!
Least Successful World Cup Teams
Can you click on the FIFA World Cup participants who have failed to win a game whilst participating in the competition?
Ballon d'Or Winner & World Cup Finalist
Name the players who have won the Ballon d'Or and also played in a World Cup Final?
English clubs with players in a World Cup
Certainly not skinny on numbers here.
World Champion Countries
Here's a sports quiz where some geography knowledge will come in handy.
Find the 2002 FIFA World Cup Winners
Don't remind me about David Seaman.
Who Won the World Cup?
Is São Tomé and Príncipe not on the list? I must have dreamt that.
International Football XIs: Argentina
¡Vamos vamos Argentina!
Italian clubs with players in a World Cup
Supplying the never-ending array of Azzurri talent!
Last Five: World Soccer Runners-up
Name the last five teams to lose in the final of each of the following football (soccer) tournaments.
I've never been in a World Cup squad
Neither have I actually.
No Goal in a FIFA World Cup
Sometimes it's not easy finding the back of the net.
International Football XIs: Netherlands
How well do you know your Oranje lineups?
Club Teams of FIFA World Cup Champions 1930–2014
Always good to boost your clubs reputation!
World Cup Finals' Goalscorers (1974 - 2014)
It's one way ot write your name in history!
Seeded 8 World Cup Teams
They're generally quite reliable.
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