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Countries of the World
No matter how many times you guess it, Narnia is not a real country. You have to let it go.
Not Blind Countries
How many countries can be seen from the top of the world's tallest building?
Erase the World
Indulge your inner supervillain and erase the planet.
Formula One Champs
We're very concerned about the sanity of a person who drinks Red Bull and drives 200mph.
Countries of the World - No Outlines Minefield
Can you find all of the countries of the world without any border outlines and without making a mistake?
Flags of the World
Sometimes quizzes are easy, and sometimes they are this one. Enjoy.
Secret Country XVII
Can you keep a secret?
Countries of the World (Redux)
Some of you are going to be very disappointed to find that Kashyyyk is not a real country.
Continents and Oceans Minefield
Around the world in twelve clicks!
Weakest Link: Continents
Are Africa-shaped pancakes considered a continental breakfast?
Mostly Blue Flags
Name the countries that have predominately blue flags.
Erase the World by Capital
Erasing with a capital 'E'.
Capitals of the World
Considerably more difficult than the countries of the world quiz, this one allows you to name the world capitals in any order you choose.
Find the Countries of the World
Good luck, you have about 4 pixels where you can click on those tiny islands.
Badly Drawn World Flags
This is what it would be like if countries didn't spend more than 90 seconds on their flag design.
Minefield Map: 8-Letter Capitals
Be careful where you click.
Capitals of the World (Redux)
It turns out that Minas Tirith is not a world capital. The things you learn...
Classic W.o.W. Zones
If you are struggling to know your provinces of Canada or the counties of England, maybe the World of Warcraft Zones and Major Cities is right up your alley?
Minefield Map: 4-Letter Capitals
We'd recommend running for the hills, but it doesn't look any safer up there.
'A' Cities by Picture
Geography image quizzes always make us want to travel.
Find the Largest Countries of the World A-Z
They're big and hard to miss.
'H' Cities by Picture
Everyone in these cities are Havana good time.
Minefield Map: 6-Letter Capitals
It's a dangerous world out there.
The Iran Quiz
Iran so far away.
Erase the World by Capital (Few Borders, No Skips)
Click each country or territory by capital city in the prompted random order to completely erase the map without the help of most borders and without getting one wrong.*
Progressively Tougher World Capitals
This quiz might be harder than you think.
'B' Cities by Picture
These are the places to 'B'.
'C' Cities by Picture
These cities are best for site 'C'ing
Minefield Map: 5-Letter Capitals
Yaren for a good time here.
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