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Geography 7 to 1: Letter 'C'
We'll take you from Connecticut to Casablanca, by way of Canberra. Yeah, it might be a bit out of the way.
National Animals of Asia
How many national animals can you name for the countries of Asia?
4-Letter World Capital Crossword
It gets kind of funky when the capitals start crossing over.
World Territories by Outlines (Clickable)
Can you click on the correct outlines of the given territories and dependencies?
4-Letter Countries by Continent Blitz
Tell your friend Chad it's time Togo play a quiz.
Harry Potter Magical Objects Quiz
Do you remember how the magical objects of the wizarding world work?
Seas Spelling Bee
Can you only pick the correctly spelled* seas without a mistake?
Volcano Minefield!
Can you click the volcano found in the country given, without exploding (clicking a decoy)?
World by 3-Letter Combos Blitz
We'll have the 3-letter combo with fries, please.
Alphabetically Superior Countries
Can you pick every country that alphabetically precedes each one of its neighbors? Borderless countries are excluded.
WWII Battles and Events Locations
Can you find the modern day countries of the world where the following WWII battles and events occurred?
Ultimate Border Challenge: 'I-K'
Can you get all your borders in order?
Countries Caught in the Middle
Name the country that interrupts the border of the two countries given? See How to Play for more details..
Geography By Subcategory: A
Name the A answers for each Geography Subcategory.
Count 'Em Countries: C
Can you fill each world map square with the number of countries beginning with 'C' in it?
1969, 1979, 1989, or 1999
These events helped to make sure most decades had momentous endings.
Don't Click A US State
Can you pick everything that isn't a USA State?
Tectonic Countries
Name the countries which have territories or areas within these Major and Minor tectonic plates.
Proud Landmarks Around the World
Kicking off Pride Month with some rather lovely images for you.
Complete the Map Snippet VIII
Once you complete it, if you want to print it out and hang it over your desk as a memento, we won't stop you.
Get the Picture: Where's 'S' in the World?
Can you choose the correct segment of the world map for each prompted city starting with a letter 'S'?
Geography Duels III
Does Saudi Arabia or Iran win each category in this duel?
Languages on the Flag
Can you name a country whose flag features words from each language?
Language by Origins (A-Z)
We're looking for originality here.
Flags by Shared Color Patterns
Name the specified number of countries with flags that can be created by filling in the gray areas with any number of colors? If asked for more than two countries, list the countries in alphabetical order..
Click the 'M' Flags
We've got banners all the way from Madagascar to Myanmar.
5-Letter Geography Blitz
Rivers, deserts, countries, cities... this quiz has a little bit of everything.
Places in Movie Titles on a Map
Name the non-city, non-country places to complete these movie titles.
Mexican States Spelling Bee
Can you only pick the correctly spelled Mexican States without choosing a single incorrectly spelled one?
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