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Capitals AND Countries
Don't have plans for the weekend? Try this quiz.
FIFA World Cup Quarter-Finalists
There's only a couple more years until the next World Cup. Who's ready?
Formula One Champs
We're very concerned about the sanity of a person who drinks Red Bull and drives 200mph.
Where in the World?
You might need to grab an atlas for this one.
Carmen Sandiego Logic Quest
If you don't love this quiz, you just might be...illogical.
World Currencies
This is a quiz about the currencies of the world. We are however sorry that 'lettuce', 'dough', 'quid', 'loonie' and 'moolah' are not among the correct answers.
2006 World Cup Teams
We can't make the 2010 World Cup get here faster, but we can reminisce about the one from 2006.
Islands of the World
Can you choose which country these islands are located in?
Languages of the World
Hey, watch your tongue!
Continents by Area Percentage
Opisometers allowed!
Border Chain Minefield
If only world travel were actually this easy.
Flags of the World: Progressively Harder
This quiz made our brain feel like it was flapping in the breeze.
Ultimate Geography Challenge 'M'
Will you be the geography Mmmmaster?
Longest Rivers
These rivers provide habitat, transportation and food for a plethora of people and animals all around the world. They also provide Sporcle with a new quiz.
NATO Members
Avoid any countries that are NOT-O.
Airports of the World
Can you choose the country in which these airports are located?
Find the 'F' Countries
Remembering the 'F' countries is half the battle.
Find the 'A' Countries
No, Canada doesn't count.
Word Ladder: Himalayan Haven
Name the three-letter words in this geography-themed word ladder.
Border Chain Minefield II
Probably the fastest (and cheapest) way to travel halfway around the world—grab your passport and get going!
Clubs with 5+ Players at 2014 FIFA World Cup
There's country loyalty, then there's club loyalty.
WCW World Heavyweight Champions
It seems like you'd need some suspenders to hold up a belt that large.
2002 World Cup Teams
As part of our World Cup fever, we decided to take a look back.
Bands of the World
Can you choose which country these bands are from?
Rivers of the World
Can you choose which country these rivers are located within?
Peninsulas of the World
Can you choose the country in which these peninsulas are located?
Alphabetical Capitals of the World
Can you name all the capitals in the world with their letters put into alphabetical order?
Automobiles of the World
Can you choose which country these automobiles are primarily manufactured in?
Countries of the World: Logic Puzzle
Name the countries from the clues given.
Literature of the World
Can you choose which modern day country these works of literature were created in?
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