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Historical Events Missing a Letter
What year was it when humans first set foot on the moo?
Consonant Quadruplets
The more consonants in a row, the harder the word is to pronounce.
Companies Missing a Letter
We'd love to see what these new companies would sell.
TV Shows Missing a Letter
Attention TV producers, here are 24 fantastic ideas for new shows.
Christmas Songs Missing a Letter
Each song below has had its lyrics seriously modified by a single missing letter in its title. Can you match each lyric & title?
Animation Missing a Letter
Each animated film or series below has had its plot seriously modified by a single missing letter in its name. Can you match each description & animation?
Animals Missing a Letter
Moby Dick would've been a very different book if Ahab had been chasing a Perm Whale.
Greek Mythology Missing a Letter
Each person, place, or thing from Greek myth has had its story seriously modified by a single missing letter in its name. Can you match each description & name?
Best Pictures Missing a Letter
We're not sure, but there has to be some kind of La La Land/Moonlight joke lurking here.
'High' Things
If you do well on this quiz, you may find yourself feeling high and mighty.
Beatles Songs Missing a Letter
Now these are some remixes we can get behind.
'White' Things
Don't raise the white flag too early on this one.
Video Games Missing a Letter
'I warned Agnes that this would happen if she kept forgetting to put dust guards on my N64 cartridges.'
Halloween 1 Minute Word Blitz
Using these hints, in 1 minute, pick the words found when “Halloween” is broken into small pieces.
'Red' Things
If you don't get them all, try not to go too red in the face.
Complete the Halloween Jokes III
These jokes are so (candy)corny.
10 Words 20 Definitions XV
Make this a defining moment.
One, Two...not Three VIII
Schoolhouse Rock lied to you: three isn't the magic number here.
16 Little Pokémon Pictograms
Unfortunately, the pictograms won't help you with spelling the Pokémon names right.
Category Cracker: Just For Fun
Name the items in each Just For Fun category? See 'How to Play'!.
20 Ways Not to Listen to the Cure
Easy! Just skip past The Cure's songs when they come up.
Lightswitch Settings
Have you earned the Worst Badge Ever? Play this quiz and you'll be well on your way to achievement (sort of).
Lucky Seven Crossword
No pencil, or eraser, necessary.
Sea Puns
Pick the proper punchline to complete each sea pun.
How to Fix Humpty Dumpty
We suggest using the King's men. His horses are less efficient.
Missing Models - Begins & Ends
Can you use the car make and hint to pick the correct missing word?
One-Minute Crossword XIX
One minute is all you need.
Does It Anagram? (4 Letters)
There aren't that many permutations of 4-letter words.
Stupid Christmas Jokes
These jokes will just sleigh you.
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