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Honest Corporate Slogans
This is what they're really selling.
It's So Cold Jokes
It's so cold that Starbucks was serving coffee on a stick.
Lost in Translation - Movies According to Italy
Some of these films seem quite different in Italy.
English Puns
How do you irritate a writer? The list is to long too fit hear.
Add a Double Letter Pair
This quiz has has us seeing double.
Drop a T
We're pretty sure that dropping T is illegal in some countries.
Drop a D
You can drop a D, just try not to break it.
Drop an S
S is probably the most slippery letter we've ever seen.
Drop a W
Those poor little W's get dropped from everything.
Comes After 'To'
Two twos don't make a tutu!
'Let' There Be Words
The word 'let' likes to attach itself to other words. We're like, let it go already!
Begins & Ends with the Same 2 Letters
Two can play at this game. Well, actually, no. Only one person should play at a time.
Connect 4: Common Bonds
Can you figure out the common ground between these overlapping foursomes?
Add a Letter Pair II
Reverse alphabetically-consecutive letters - they're a thing! And you can fill them in the gaps to create words.
Christian Bale Movies In Other Words
Christian Bale, do you ever fail?
Creator of Words! II
Look at that, creating words out of thin air. Magic.
Alphabetical Lose-A-Letter
Hopefully these letters are easier to find than your car keys.
Destroyer of Words!
Sometimes you have to harm a few words on the way to victory.
Lightswitch Settings
Have you earned the Worst Badge Ever? Play this quiz and you'll be well on your way to achievement (sort of).
In Plain English: Much Ado About Nothing
You have stayed me in a quizzical hour.
Rock n' Roll Recipes?
We always thought Spinal Tap's "Shark Sandwich" was a great album, despite the negative reviews.
Math in the Real World
A little math never hurt anyone.
Spoonerized Elements
Whatever you do, think fafety sirst!
Presidential Sitcoms
I pitched every one of these shows to a major network and they still won't let me back in the building.
Word Ladder: It's a Trap!
Name the words in this word ladder *with a twist*.
What's the 'PUN'chline?
Some of these are just bad, but some are also punny!
Missing Homographs
We hope you don't contest this contest.
Classic Clickable Jokes V
Why was the Army Officer seen with those corn cobs? Because he was a Colonel!(What, you've got a butter joke than that?)
Word Association Name That Tune (100 Songs)
Name the songs with (loosely) related titles from the six-second clips.
Famous Quotes About 'A'
If only we could stop forgetting words from these A-mazing quotes.
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