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The Emerging Crossword
Can you solve the crossword that will reveal itself as you solve it?
Separated US Presidential First Names
These presidents need some help keeping themselves together.
Beatles Songs Missing a Letter
Now these are some remixes we can get behind.
Band Name Pictograms
It's almost like seeing them in real life!
Three of a Kind
Don't worry, we're pretty sure this isn't a shell game.
Blitz: Does It Contain 'B'?
Beware of the B's.
Word in a Word
You can't just go putting words inside of other words like this. It's madness!
Music Pictograms
These pictograms were presumably found in some ancient temple somewhere. Of course, this is only further proof that Paul is dead.
Separated US Presidential Surnames
Sounds like our presidents really need to hold themselves together.
Drop a K
You want to drop a K? From a word? Go ahead!
Seven Dirty Words
Though we try to keep things relatively clean here at Sporcle, a tribute to the recently passed George Carlin made this quiz a necessity.
One-Minute Crossword VI
For you last-minute crossword players.
Word Ladder: Multiple Choice
This is not your average ladder.
Word Ladder: Anagram Rungs
Use the clues to name the 4-letter rungs in this word ladder. The highlighted rungs are all anagrams, with different colours for different anagrams
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Just For Fun
It's all fun and games until someone clicks a wrong answer.
Famously Misspelled Products
In many cases marketing and spelling are mutually exclusive.
Potter Book or Potted Book?
If JK Rowling wants to take any of these ideas and make a real book with them, we'd be all for it.
Change a Letter: Video Games
Can you identify the Video Game that's had one of its letters changed, using the hints as a guide?
10 Words, 20 Definitions
It's hard to define what makes these words doubly versatile.
Absent Letter Countries
We're missing these letters already.
This, But Not That II
This is a quiz, but not a bad one.
19 Ways Not to Draw in 'Pink'
Name the Scrabble-accepted words (US) that can be made by changing any single letter in the word 'PINK'.
Band Name Pictograms II
Here at Sporcle HQ, we like to take things very literally.
Compound Band Pictograms
We're just going to come out and say it, some band names just don't make any sense.
TV Show Pictograms
If you stare at the static on a TV screen long enough, you might be able to come up with your own.
The Only Letter IV
There's only one, so choose wisely!
Lightswitch Settings
Have you earned the Worst Badge Ever? Play this quiz and you'll be well on your way to achievement (sort of).
Cryptogram Map - Scientists
Name the famous scientists by solving the Cryptograms - SEE HOW TO PLAY
Missing Letter Sorting Blitz
There's a hole in these words that only these missing letters can fill.
English Puns
How do you irritate a writer? The list is to long too fit hear.
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