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Words Within Words 'R' Blitz
If you're a pirate you automatically get extra points.
One-Minute Crossword
For those that don't have much time for their morning crossword puzzle.
State Names: Word Play Sorting Gallery
Pick the 50 U.S. States based on a bit of word play in this Sorting Gallery? (note: letter 'Y' is not counted as a vowel).
One, Two...Not Three XIII
It's as easy as one, two... not three.
Television without 'Television'
There's some level of inception going on here, but it's a little backwards.
This, But Not That II
This is a quiz, but not a bad one.
'Green' Things
We've given this quiz the green light.
Acrostic Puzzle #1
Complete this acrostic puzzle (see how to play).
Famous Quotes About 'J' & 'K'
When J and K go out together, no one takes them seriously.
Famous Quotes About 'A'
If only we could stop forgetting words from these A-mazing quotes.
Acrostic Puzzle #2
Complete this acrostic puzzle (see how to play).
Famous Quotes About 'H'
Sadly, no Hubert H. Humphrey quotes made their way into this quiz.
Famous Quotes About 'B'
These quotes are all the buzz.
One-Minute Crossword II
Quick, what's a 7-letter word for a website with mentally stimulating diversions?
16 Little Celebrity Pictograms
This probably isn't how you're used to picturing John Candy.
Famous Quotes About 'C'
A message from the letter C: Chill out.
Alternative 'Game of Thrones'
Match the alternative 'Game of Thrones' with their descriptions.
One-Minute Crossword III
We wouldn't suggest crossing your fingers, it would make it much harder to type.
Famous Quotes About 'E'
'E is like totally my favorite letter' - Mark Twain
One-Minute Crossword V
If you do the crossword in ink, you just might be ready for the challenge that is the One-Minute Crossword.
One-Minute Crossword XXIV
The clock is ticking!
'Pig'-ified Movie Titles
These movies really bring home the bacon.
Spelling with Flags: World Capitals
Semaphore is one way to spell with flags. This is something else entirely.
One-Minute Crossword XXXII
Can you solve this crossword puzzle in under one minute?
One-Minute Crossword VI
For you last-minute crossword players.
Walkie Talkie Style Names
Are you a quizzie wizzie?
Movie Pop-Ups III
AdBlock isn't going to be doing you any favors.
Sporcle Crossword: WWE Wrestlemania
We wouldn't want to cross these wrestlers.
Famous Quotes About 'F'
Despite his famous 'F' quote legacy, we had to remove Samuel L. Jackson from this quiz.
Famous Quotes About 'D'
'Dear! There's a deer!' Is not a quote you'll find on this quiz.
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