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Find the Union States (Minefield)
Be careful in the middle.
Find the Confederate States (Minefield)
Pro tip: don't click near states that were still territories in 1861.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XIII
Another quiz for the panicky scatterbrain inside all of us.
Pick A Side: Cold War
Can you choose the members of NATO, the Eastern Bloc countries, and the Neutral Countries* until the fall of the USSR (unless otherwise noted)?
25 Most Powerful Militaries
You'll need to come on strong for this one.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History II
It's like an entire history course in one quiz.
The USA Declares War!
According to Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution, "Congress shall have power to ... declare War". Still, it took Nancy Reagan to declare the War on Drugs.
Vietnam War Era Match-Up
"We are not makers of history; we are made by history."
Timeline: History of Archery
Can you target the significant events in the history of archery?
Wars in Chronological Order
When war doesn't seem logical, it's still chronological.
History Speed-Picking
This quiz will have you picking and choosing your way through history.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History
You might not be a history buff, but at least you have a 1-in-4 chance.
Overshadowed Events
Pick the famous historical events which overshadowed less publicized events -- which were also significant moments in history.
World War I Presidents
Fourteen US presidents were living during WWI. It's up to you to figure out who they are.
Obscure Knowledge - NATO Members
With only one attempt, what is the least well-known member of NATO you can name? The less well-known the country, the more you'll score! (Stats based on Sporcle's own 'Name the Nato members' quiz)
American Civil War Match-up
The war between the states was not so very stately.
True or False Blitz: History
If you do poorly on this quiz, you may need some history Tudoring.
World War II Timeline
"We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender...until the timer runs out." -- Winston Churchill
US Military Interventions Since WWII
So maybe Team America was a documentary?
Cold War Era Match-Up
Can you match up the terms, names and places associated with the Cold War Era?
Quick Pick: Real or Fake Battles
Pick the real battles and avoid the decoys.
Key individuals of the revolutionary war
Name the Key individuals of the revolutionary war.
Which Happened First? (American Revolution)
We always thought George Washington chopped down a cherry tree to start the American Revolution? Is that not true?
10-to-1: History
We thought counting was more of a math thing.
World War II Leaders: Axis or Allies?
For such different groups of people, their names sure sound similar.
European Countries Not Occupied During WWII
It may have helped to be both small and inaccessible.
Russian Propeller Fighters [Picture Click]
Can you find famous Russian and Soviet Propeller Fighters on the picture below?
Famous Wars
WAR! What is it good for, absolutely nothing! (Except a Sporcle Quiz).
Wiki History Picture Click
If you ever researched a history paper on Wikipedia, this should be a piece of cake.
Worst Countries To Live In?
You're probably not going to find these countries on our popular vacation places quiz either.
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