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American War by Image
As long as the United States never gets in a war with Kyrgyzstan we should all be fine.
Lest We Forget
In honor of Memorial Day, take a tour of these memorials that honor American conflicts.
Memorial Day: Paint a Memorial!
We'll wait for you to stop by the arts and crafts store.
First Name Basis: History
We like to think we're on a first name basis with these historical figures.
Get the Picture: Civil War Battles
Get the Picture: Can you choose if these U.S. Civil War Battles were won by the Union or the Confederacy?
Cold War Chaos!
Cold War trivia is heating up!
War Timeline Minefield
Minefield quizzes are kind of like a battle against the quiz.
World War II: Start to Finish
How much do you remember from high school history?
Famous War Paintings
War can be ugly, but these paintings are pretty amazing to look at.
7-to-1: World War II
Today marks the 75th anniversary of V-E Day.
English/British Wars by Map
Here's one country who's been in a few skirmishes.
Which Army?
Finally an answer to the age-old question: "You and whose army?"
Norwegian History Bunker
Guess the answers correctly to get to sector 15 of the Norwegian history bunker!
Modern History: 1950-1974
We suppose 1950 feels a bit less modern every day.
¡Viva La Revolución! - World Uprisings
The world has seen a fair share of revolutions in its time.
Modern History: 1875-1899
Pick the image that matches the description of an historical event that occurred in each year from 1875 to 1899.
Memorial Day Acrostic Puzzle
29 US Presidents have served in the Armed Forces in some capacity. When provided with their Rank and what war(s) they served in, can you fill in this themed acrostic puzzle?
Find 7 Cities: Civil War Battles
Click these 7 municipalities that American Civil War battles were fought in or near.
European Countries Not Occupied During WWII
It may have helped to be both small and inaccessible.
Sliding Through the 1980s
This quiz will be easier if you go through it doing the cha-cha slide.
14th Century Sieges
Match the clues to the correct 14th century sieges: Gibraltar, Kamakura, Limoges, Stirling Castle.
Famous Wars
WAR! What is it good for, absolutely nothing! (Except a Sporcle Quiz).
Most Defensive Countries
At least these countries don't have to defend themselves on Sporcle.
WWI Match-Up
Are you any match for the World War I trivia buffs?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz XIII
Another quiz for the panicky scatterbrain inside all of us.
WWII Match-Up
'In war: Resolution. In defeat: Defiance. In victory: Magnanimity. In peace: Good will.' -Winston Churchill
The USA Declares War!
According to Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution, "Congress shall have power to ... declare War". Still, it took Nancy Reagan to declare the War on Drugs.
World's Largest Militaries
It would appear these countries believe in the lesser known saying: 'Whoever has the most soldiers wins.'
Get the Picture: Sports Player or War General
Can you choose whether the given famous person is a sports player or a war general?
Sliding Through the 1990s
Was 'The Electric Slide' popular in the '90s?
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