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Slang Of The 60s
There was certainly no lack of character in 60s slang.
'B' in Astronomy
Pick the astronomy word starting with B matching the definition.
Clothes in French
Being dressed seems like it's a pretty universal language.
Vocabulary Blitz LXII
Time to pull out all of the 50 cent words dad told you to remember that one time.
Commonest English Words
Writing meaningful descriptions without common vocabulary taxes quiz compilers.
French: Body Parts (Clickable)
Pick the English translations of each given body part in French.
9-Letter Word Scramble
'Scrambler' is a 9-letter word, but you won't find it in this quiz.
Untranslatable German Words
Pick the correct untranslatable German word given an explanation of its meaning.
Animals in French
We can't lie - 'Animals in French Clothing' would make for a pretty fun quiz.
Lingo from the 1980s
Dude, we are like so totally psyched about this quiz.
Sunday Crossword: Sour Notes?
Well sometimes you can really sour the mood by being salty.
Complete the Expression... With a Picture
The pictures add a whole new meaning to these expressions.
Red or Blue?
Just be glad there's no purple in here to really throw you off.
Complete the Similes With an Image
Are you as sharp as a tack?
Recently Coined Words
Sometimes you just have to make up a few words to get your point across.
Definitive NBA Team Names
Complete the NBA team names by matching the geographic location to the definition of its missing second word.
Picture Click: Sports in Spanish
Put that high school Spanish knowledge to use.
Subcategory Sort: Anatomy, Astronomy, or Geology
Can you sort the terms into the correct group within the correct subcategory?
'Able' or 'Ible'?
Are you IBLE to tell the difference?
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Language
You don't have to be a Parselmouth to ace this quiz.
Words in 'Nepal'
Name all the English words of 3 letters or more that can be made from 'Nepal'
'B' Game
Better bring broad brains before beginning.
Find the Food in French
We heard the reason people in France eat snails is because they hate fast food.
Commonly Misspelled Words III
We're going to go ahead and pre-emptively blame autocorrect for all this.
-ify Definitions
Can you click the correct -ify ending word for each definition?
Covid-19 Terms
Pick the terms related to health, safety and Covid-19.
One-Minute Crossword
For those that don't have much time for their morning crossword puzzle.
Illustrated Crossword: Solar System
Can you identify the celestial bodies and complete this space style crossword puzzle?
Definitive NBA Player Names
Complete the NBA player names by matching the players' first name to the definition of their missing last name.
Sunday Crossword: The Great Beyond
Does doing crosswords outside of Sunday bring a curse from the Great Beyond?
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