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1990s Movie Definitions
Hopefully this doesn't leave you in misery.
Commonest English Words
Writing meaningful descriptions without common vocabulary taxes quiz compilers.
Rhymes With 'Girl'
Who runs the world? Every word that rhymes with girl.
Clickable Sporcle Quiz Show: Language
You don't have to be a Parselmouth to ace this quiz.
Alternative Thanksgiving Definitions
Pick the Thanksgiving words by an alternative definition.
'A' Medical Terms
Here's hoping your surgeon was an 'A' student.
Commonly Misspelled Words III
We're going to go ahead and pre-emptively blame autocorrect for all this.
Pick an '-ica'
Feel free to take this quiz on a piece of formica.
Months & Days in French
Really helpful if you a have a rendezvous to plan.
Vocabulary Blitz XLIII
We had to go to the thesaurus on this one.
Parts of Speech Multiple Choice
This quiz is so adjective, it'll verb nouns.
Zoology Terms I
Pick the Zoology Terms? I.
Vocabulary Blitz XLVII
Just memorize the dictionary and you'll get 100% on all of these.
'Y' Vocabulary (Easy)
Y? Because we gotta.
Rhymes with 'ICK'
This quiz is not nearly as disgusting as it sounds.
World War I Definitions
Pick the World War I words from their definitions.
Words Ending with '-NK'
Pick the correct word ending with 'NK' when given its definition.
2000s Movie Definitions
Some movies are just hard to define.
Add a Letter Challenge
These letters are really middle of the road.
Quick Pick: Animal Adjectives
Pick the correct description to match these animal adjectives.
Rhymes with 'Gift'
This is a whole new kind of gift exchange.
Rhymes with 'Y'
This game is all that's 'Y' with the world.
Rhymes with 'Late'
It's high time to rhyme.
Drink Idioms
Pick these popular phrases involving drink terms.
Queen's Vocabulary
Please curtsy before playing.
10 Words, 20 Definitions
It's hard to define what makes these words doubly versatile.
French: Clothes (Clickable)
Pick the English translations of each given item of clothing in French.
Clipped Words
It's really gross if you're on a plane next to someone clipping their words.
Weather Terms
Did you hear of the story about the tornado? There's a twist at the end.
Rhymes with 'Earth'
Happy Earth Day to all our Sporclers around the globe!
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