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Grand 'ol Quiz
You're a high-flying quiz.
Languages by Cake
This one's a piece of cake.
Either or, but Which? IV
You can solve this either which way.
There's No Place Like '-ome'
Just click your heels three times and repeat after me "There's no place like Sporcle."
4-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
You don't need to say them or spell them. Just click them, and click them fast!
Scrabble or Canada?
Aren't we all relieved that Canadians didn't invent this game?!
Finding '-mo'
Mo Quizzes Mo Problems.
Vocabulary Blitz VI
Blitz means fast, right?
Pick an '-ica'
Pick the things that end in '-ica' for each clue.
One-Minute Crossword XXIII
Can you solve this crossword puzzle in under one minute?
Animated 'C' Verbs
We 'C' what you did here...
Homonym Slideshow II
Wait, we're confused. How are they called the same things when they look nothing alike?
Homonym Slideshow
It all sounds the same to us.
Animated 'B' Verbs
These verbs refuse to back down!
Tour de '-ance'
No knowledge of cycling races needed.
Pick a 'Chu'
I choose you!
Commonest English Words
Writing meaningful descriptions without common vocabulary taxes quiz compilers.
Parts of Speech Multiple Choice
This quiz is so adjective, it'll verb nouns.
Picking Challenge: Poker
Can you pick each provided poker-related item in the answers list without making a mistake?
IPA pronunciation
If you think this quiz is about India Pale Ale, you will be disappointed.
10 Ways Not to Let It 'Snow'
Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Sporcle is so delightful ...
13 Ways to Not Eat 'Food'
How are we supposed to not eat food when everything looks so tasty?
-ame Definitions
Pick the correct -ame ending word for each definition.
Words Within Words 'H' Blitz
The answers are within your grasp.
Starts with G, Ends with N
Warning: This quiz is not gluten-free.
14 Ways Not to Strike 'Gold'
Just what you've always wanted to do - not strike gold.
Words Within Words 'F' Blitz
An F+ is still better than an F.
Vocabulary Blitz XLIII
We had to go to the thesaurus on this one.
14 Ways Not to Have a 'Beer'
Not having a beer is likely to improve your score on this quiz.
2-Letter Vocabulary (Easy)
Sometimes the shortest words are the hardest to define.
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