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Words Containing 'EST' (A-Z)
It might help to just chant the "-est" sound over and over again until it becomes meaningless. If not, it'll at least be funny.
10 Words, 20 Definitions XXVIII
Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?
Clueless about Keyboard Symbols!
Haven't got a Clueless? Try this.
Literature by Definition: Mark Twain
let's hope you're on the Twain track.
Word Ladder: Scottish Lake
Name the 4-letter words in this lake-themed word ladder.
Vegetable Spelling Bee
Don't worry, we're not making you spell kohlrabi.
Oronym Match
Let's hope it's not an oronym orror.
Mixed Word: How to Be a Pirate
We're pretty sure there was no pirate trade school to get a pirate degree, but this will definitely help you study for that.
20 Ways Not to Open Your 'Eyes'
This quiz is a real eye opener.
Missing Word: 'Athletic' Things
Name the words missing from these jumping, swimming, running and more things.
Defining 'Dutch'
It's time to go Dutch.
Word Ladder: Will Kane's Showdown
Can you type the 4-letter words in this word ladder about a classic Western and its star?
Anagram Word Building VI
Some people make anagrams by being smart. We use construction and other building equipment.
5 to 1: Spanish
Do you know your parts of speech? Or in this case, partes de la oración?
9-Letter Words by Second Letter
Name the 9-letter words shown alphabetically by their SECOND letter (excluding J and Z).
Word Ladder: Never Delay
Name the 4-letter words in this Word Ladder about a famous proverb.
Quick Pick: 'Animal Verbs'
Don't chicken out.
Pronunciation What?
Pick the correct words to complete the rhyming lines in this poem, 'Pronunciation Poem', which illustrates well some of the vagaries of the English language, as she is spoken.
Get the Picture: Chinese or Japanese Loanwords?
Can you choose whether each English word was adopted from Chinese or Japanese?
Sporcle WordStairs
Sporcle: Spread the word.
10 words that end in 'AR'
Can you find the ten words ending in 'ar'?
Replace the 'A' A-Z
Yeah, we're still working on what we're going to do about the rest of the alphabet.
What Did You Call Me?
Just don't call us Shirley.
Crossword: Cat Calls!
Can you fill in this feline-themed crossword?
Fancy a game of Click-ETT?
Just B & Z
This quiz is designed to keep you BZ.
Constellation by Phonetic Name
Well, if you can't spell, might as well try and get it through phonetics?
6-Letter Words by Second Letter
Name the 6-letter words shown alphabetically by their SECOND letter (excluding J).
Countdown Conundrum III
A quiz you can (quickly) count on.
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