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'A' Antonyms
It is rather convenient that "antonym" itself works for this quiz.
Out of the OrdinARY!
Now this is extraordinary!
Absolute Adjectives
We absolutely adject to this quiz!
Pro Wrestling Dictionary
Pro wrestling has a language all its own.
Rhymes with Truck
If you're in public you're going to seem mighty crazy as you come up with a bunch of nonsense words for this quiz.
Rhymes with 'Word'
It seems like you could write a pretty decent song just using this quiz.
Plural Blitz
All we know is that there are more than one.
5,000 Most Common English Words
In this case, being common isn't a bad thing.
The Dead Quiz
Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line! Ha ha ha ha ha...
Les Jeux sont faits Vocabulary pp. 5-10
Name the French vocabulary from Les Jeux sont faits pp. 5-10.
EU Started It...
You might say 'eww' after seeing this quiz, but the Common Yew really likes it.
Sunday Crossword: All Mixed Up
Throw some words and ice in a blender, mix it all up, and you'll have yourself a tasty crossword margarita.
One-Point Scrabble Tile Words
This is probably not as flex-worthy if you're playing with your friends.
'J' Culinary Terms (Clickable)
Pick the culinary or cooking term that matches each definition.
'A' Culinary Terms
You might find this quiz useful for preparing dinner tonight.
Just One Consonant (A-Z)
These words are useful for Scrabble when you pull 6 straight vowels out of the tile bag.
Categorical Anagrams: Language
Pick the anagrammed answers that fit each language category? (See game note.).
Missing Word: 'Athletic' Things
Name the words missing from these jumping, swimming, running and more things.
Religion Idioms
We're certainly not touching that apple.
Pictured Anagram Pairs VII
Name the pairs of objects which are anagrams of each other.
Literal Language Idioms
Czech out this quiz and see if you can Finnish it without Russian.
Words containing 'ZEN'
Name the words containing 'ZEN'
Words Containing 'ARE'
Are you ready?
Words Ending with '-OON'
Ooh, we love these words.
Language by Dictionary Extract
Multilingual status not guaranteed.
Images Ending in -iac
No, we're not looking for 'Jiac' Nicholson here. We are looking for a Johnny, though. We heard he's here.
One-Minute Crossword IX
What's a 6-letter word for a period of time equal to sixty seconds?
One-Minute Crossword VII
It would be a bad idea to double cross a crossword.
Sporcle Vocab
Keep your eye out for the Sporcle dictionary. Coming soon!
Picture Click: Sports in Spanish
Put that high school Spanish knowledge to use.
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