Language Vocabulary

10 Words 20 Definitions V
...including a very helpful URL.
First Two Letters Switched
A two-letter switch agme.
Double 'O' Words
Oooooh, words.
12 Ways Not to Say 'Bond'
Apparently the name is NOT Bond...James Bond.
I'm the Physician
I'm not a doctor, but I played one on Sporcle.
Words with 'Loo'
It was only a matter of time before Sporcle went right down the loo.
Deceptionitions III
Prepare to be deceived yet again.
Vocabulary Blitz XXIV
'I' before 'E', except after...oh wait, that helps with spelling, not vocab.
Starts with D, Ends with N
You won't find one single dandelion in this quiz.
Stuck in the Middle with 'F'
When we publish the 'U' version of this quiz, we'll have the best Stealers Wheel reference in here.
Indefinite Definitions VIII
'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.'
Danish: Body Parts (Clickable)
We hope you knæ the answers!
Words in Words Minefield II
Think of this as Scrabble meets Inception.
10 ways not to let it 'Snow'
Oh the weather outside is frightful But Sporcle is so delightful ...
Fancy Disney Vocabulary Song Match
Disney has been secretly expanding children's vocabulary for decades!
Categorical Word Play
They're puns…in a manner of speaking.
Stuck in the Middle with 'G'
One from the Middle aGe.
Five-Letter in Seven-Letter
We'll let you do the math on these letter ratios.
Rhymes With 'Ash'
Did Ash ever realize that Ketchum sounds like Catch 'Em? He was destined to Catch 'Em All.
'Stand'ard Vocabulary
For an extra challenge, play this while standing up! (It's good for you.)
Coined by Chaucer
Heads or tales?
13-Letter Vocabulary
If you're really really superstitious, you may want to avoid saying these words.
10-Letter Vocabulary (Insane)
Anybody for a game of 10-is?
Most Common 3-Letter Words: '_O_'
If your name is Bob or Tom, you might not want to get your hopes up.
Lingo from the 1980s
The slang's the thang.
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