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Vocabulary Blitz XIX
This is the 20th 'Vocabulary Blitz,' which actually isn't that many when you consider how many words are in the dictionary.
'B' Game
Better bring broad brains before beginning.
1950s Movie Definitions
We're not sure these definitions are what the writers had in mind.
-ate or -ite?
Don't ya just ate it, when it's ite.
Vocabulary Blitz XL
This one is for you sesquipedalian types.
Find the Food in Italian
Olive Garden doesn't count.
4-Letter 'CR' Words
Name the four-letter Scrabble-acceptable words starting with the letters cr-.
'V' Game
Any ancient Romans playing this quiz are bound to be very confused.
Vocabulary Blitz
This is like rifling through the shortest dictionary of all time.
Redefined Cocktails
Can you pick each cocktail that is defined with a non-cocktail meaning?
Commonest English Words
Writing meaningful descriptions without common vocabulary taxes quiz compilers.
Vocabulary Blitz II
Sometimes it's best to brush up on your vocab.
Vocabulary Blitz III
Ready to prove you have dominating diction?
'U' Game
In this case, 'U' can touch this.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Language
You'll have to be a true polyglot to get all these right.
Misspelled Madness III
A good rule of thumb: if you don't know how to spell a word, don't use that word. Unfortunately that won't help you on this quiz.
Italian: Occupations
Italian for plumber? It's-a Mario!
Vocabulary Blitz XVIII
With approximately 470,000 words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, we can keep publishing these quizzes for years.
Vocabulary Blitz IV
Nothing like a vocabulary blitz to get your blood pumping.
Vocabulary #7
Pick the Vocabulary #7.
Vocabulary Blitz XVII
Say these 5 words 5 times fast and you'll be all sorts of confused.
The Heart Quiz
Happy Valentines Day from Sporcle.
1960s Movie Definitions
A boy's best friend is his dictionary.
Vocabulary Blitz X
A vocabulary blitz should be a basic part of everyone's language diet.
Vocabulary Blitz XI
60 seconds for 5 vocabulary words seems more than fair to us.
Vocabulary Blitz XIV
What we really want to know is if anyone can use all 5 words in one sentence.
Vocabulary Blitz XIII
You think you know your vocabulary, then suddenly all the words just seem the same.
Vocabulary Blitz V
Faster, faster! Move! Move! Move!
Verb, Noun or Both?
Can you decide whether the following words are verbs, nouns, or both?
What's in a Marvel Name?
How Marvel-ous.
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