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151 Original Pokémon
Some of you will be able to remember all of these in your sleep.
Find the Mario Characters FAST!
Just make sure to keep an eye out for the blue shell coming for you.
Mario or Mari-No?
For an Italian plumber, Mario's a pretty interesting guy.
Pokémon (Gen II)
Following up the popularity of the Pokemon Generation 1 quiz, now see if you can remember the 100 new Pokemon added in the Gold and Silver games.
Pokémon Types
My son has discovered Pokémon...I fear that I am going to have a deep intimate knowledge of all this soon.
Word Ladder: Sixty Player Battle Royale
Name the four-letter words in this word ladder about a popular new battle royale game.
Upside Down Video Game Characters
Name these upside-down video game characters.
Criteria Pokémon: Generation I
The answers to this quiz are Onix-pected.
Gaming Character Minefield: Five Letters
Can you click on the video game characters with five letters in their (first or only) name, without clicking on any that aren't?
Mystery Phrase Blitz: The Legend of Zelda
Can you enter the mystery phrase in just 60 seconds? Reveal letters from the phrase by entering the words of The Legend of Zelda game titles (*), and end the quiz at any time by typing the full mystery phrase.
Complete the Video Game... With a Picture
We know video games are about graphics, but this is ridiculous.
A Pokémon Logic Puzzle
Grab some Pokéballs and see what you can catch.
League of Legends Champions By Ultimate
Never underestimate the importance of a good jungler.
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Games and Toys
Can you sort the game related terms into their categories before time runs out?
Pokémon (Gen VI)
They say a Klefki is born every time you lose your car keys.
Video Game Character Blitz
No, this does not count as some kind of speedrunning record.
Historical Figures in Video Games
Pick the right Historical Figures by a Video Game Picture.
Minecraft Mobs
You can run into a lot of strange creatures in Minecraft.
Fortnite Locations: Real or Fake?
The Fortnite craze has lasted much longer than an actual fortnight.
Video Games by Beanie
Name the video games by the beanies that represent them.
Click the Iconic PlayStation Characters
Nobody tell them some of these aren't exclusive to PlayStation anymore.
Best NBA 2K Players Each Year
We are petitioning 2K Sports to factor 'Trivia Knowledge' into their player ratings next year.
FIFA 21 Top 100
Name the players with the highest overall rating in FIFA 21.
Champions in League of Legends
In League of Legends, every player is a champion.
Danganronpa 1 Logic Puzzle
Name the students who go in each box using your knowledge of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc? **IMPORTANT: SEE HOW TO PLAY**.
Video Game By 'C' Character
Pick the correct video game or franchise when given a character starting with the letter 'C'.
4-to-1 Blitz: Gaming
Can you quickly match each answer to the group in which it belongs?
Multi-Category Minefield Blitz: Video Games
Can you sort the gaming related terms into their categories (character, company, console, genre, game) before time runs out?
Minecraft Crafting
Watch out for Creepers.
Pokémon Go: Catch 'Em All
We've walked more in the last week than we have all year.
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