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Psalm 150 - Everything That Has Breath
Have you taken your daily dose of air today?
Quick Pick: Churches in Revelation
Pick the the Seven Churches in Asia as mentioned in the Book of Revelation without selecting a decoy.
Bible Verses by Emojis I
Pick the correct emojis to fill in the blanks of these Bible verses.
Old Testament 3:1
Three is the charm
SPORCLE Scripture Puzzle
Can you solve the scripture puzzle below? (Please see 'How to Play' for instructions)
Thou Shalt Proofread
Can you click the words that have been misquoted from Exodus 20:3-17 (RSV Catholic Edition)? See Game Note.
Common Biblical Passages - Slot Machine XIV
Hit the spot with another slot
Bible ABCs
Can you choose the correct answer for each biblical question?
4-Letter Word Ladder: Bible and Quran Verses IV
And he says, “What?! After I am dead, am I going to be brought back to life?!” Does man not remember that We created him before, when he was nothing? (Mary 19:66-67)
Draw Creation
Can you fill in the blanks from Genesis 1 (NIV) to draw creation?
First and Last Verse: Genesis (KJV)
Can you name every word of the first and last verses of Genesis in the King James Version of the Bible?
Ten Missing Nouns: Invictus
Can you click the correct position for each noun missing from 'Invictus' by William Ernest Henley?
Overcomers in the Churches of the Revelation
Time to overcome yet another quiz
Celebrity Picture Click: Bible Version
When given a book of the Bible, can you correctly click each celebrity it corresponds to? See Game Note for Details.
Quick Pick: Deuteronomy 6:5 (NIV)
Can you put the words of Deuteronomy 6:5 (NIV) in the right order?
1/10 of Matt. 13
He said we should take one tenth of everything, right?
Bible Mystery Verse I
Can you figure out the mystery verse from the Bible (ESV) without any clues? See How to Play.
First and Last Verse: Judges (KJV)
Please, don't pre-judge this quiz
Paintings by Bible Verse
Can you choose the painting based on the narrative from which each given verse (KJV) is taken?
Follow That Line: Easter Verses
Pick the line that follows each given line from these Bible Verses about Easter.
'H' Bible Book Verses
Can you determine whether each NIV Bible verse below is from Habakkuk, Haggai, Hebrews or Hosea?
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion II
Just like with most religions, you can only choose one.
Historical Events of Palm Sunday From The Bible
Can you choose the missing word(s) from the Bible describing the events celebrated now on Palm Sunday
Biblical Extremes
Can you choose these Biblical extremes based on books and text from the King James Version?
THE HOLY BIBLE: Its Comforting!
Can you choose missing word from the Bible verse regarding comfort?
Hymn: Low in the Grave He Lay
Name the lyrics to the Easter hymn 'Low in the Grave He Lay'.
1 John 2:15-16 (Easy)
Words to 1 John 2:15-16 (NASB version)
Quick Pick: Proverbs 13:9 (NIV)
Can you put the words of Proverbs 13:9 (NIV) in the right order?
Missing Word: Secret Theme 2 (Bible Verses)
Name the missing words in the bible verse that follow a secret theme.
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