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'And The Lord Spoke Unto...' Whom?
Sometimes a deity just starts feeling a little chatty.
Could You Be a Wise Man?
This is really the only authentic Christmas list.
Figure Out the Lyrics V
The first step in getting this song in your head, is to figure out what it is.
Word Ladder: The Birth of Jesus
Name the 4-letter words in this Nativity themed word ladder.
Christmas Carols by Second Verse
The second verse: otherwise known as the part of the songs where you usually just hum or mumble the words.
Queen's Famous First Verses
Whenever we sing these alone we *always* hit all the right notes.
Gabriel's Message to Mary: Typing Challenge
Name the words in Gabriel's message to Mary (from Luke 1:30-33, KJV).
12 Days of Christmas: Final Verse
We are still not sure what the person who gets all these gifts does with all these animals
Disney Oscar Songs - First Verses
Even if you just type in the first verse, the rest of the song will be stuck in your head for a while.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion
Perhaps St. Peter also holds the keys to getting 100 percent on this quiz.
US Patriotic Songs
Sing with gusto, now! (That is, if you know the words.)
10 Plagues of Egypt with Legos
Can you fill in the missing word regarding the 10 Plagues of Egypt, Lego Style?
Quick Pick: Mark 12:17b (KJV)
Can you put the words of Mark 12:17b (KJV) in the right order?
Clickable Pulp Fiction: Ezekiel 25:17
Just one question: What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
A Famous Bible Chat (John 3: Map)
Can you fill in the words exchanged between Nicodemus and Jesus in John 3:1-16 (KJV Bible)?*
Get Connected!: Religion Sequences
Can you deduce the sequence or pattern that connects the four religion items, and then provide the next item in the series?
That's NOT the Song Title
If you have any friends who are music snobs you should probably play this quiz before you talk to them.
23rd Psalm Click-a-long
This one'll take you all the way back to Sunday school.
The Hail Mary
This is one quiz you don't want to pass on.
'Viva La Vida' Lyrics
Good luck getting this song out of your head for the rest of the day.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Religion II
Pick the correct answers to each of these multiple choice questions that relate to the different subcategories in Religion.
Another Brick In The Wall (Literally)
Some quizzes are just really wall made.
Green Day's Famous First Verses
September has long since ended. Hopefully someone remembered to wake Green Day up.
Song Lyrics Match-Up
We miss the old days when music was just some guy in tights wandering around with a lyre.
Short Bible Verses By Word
Can you name each word for the following five short NIV Bible verses below?
Genesis Chapter by Chapter
Can you answer these questions from the book of Genesis, one from each chapter.
Idioms with religious origins
Pick the correct idiom from the definition given.
Find the Missing Colors in Bible Verses
Watch as the Bible shows its true colors.
Clicky-oke: Joy to the World
Pick the missing word in each line from the hymn 'Joy to the World'.
In Plain English: A Midsummer Night's Dream
If there's one thing Shakespeare and The Real World taught us, never trust anyone named 'Puck'.
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