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10 to 1: The Presidency
Nearly all of the Presidents have served at least one term, but how many have the gall to serve ten?
World Leaders: Dead, Alive, or Fictional?
Some of these fictional leaders would do pretty well in the real world.
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History III
Are submarines a subset of marines?
US Presidents
We wish presidential mustaches were still in style. In fact, we'd go so far to say we hope future presidents dress exactly like Magnum P.I.
Win the Presidential Election Minefield
Sorry, winning the election won't be as easy as acing a Sporcle quiz.
History Acrostic Puzzle
Time to put those thinking caps on.
US Presidents Aged 80+
Despite the the free health care, being a US president doesn't always lead to living a long and healthy life.
Presidents by Ending 4 to 1
It's not how a president starts. It's the end that everyone remembers.
One Shot: US Presidents
We are not throwing away our shot.
Presidents in Exact Order
We're just trying to bring some order to the presidential election here!
Subcategory Multiple Choice: History
You might not be a history buff, but at least you have a 1-in-4 chance.
Anyone but US Presidents
There haven't been all that many US Presidents, so it's not like this is some exclusive club.
Presidential Trivia Logic Game
Never take a logic puzzle win for Grant-ed.
US Presidents (Redux)
Apparently, all we know about US Presidents, we learned from The Jeffersons.
US Presidents Bunker
You don't HAVE to finish this quiz, but you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
People on US Currency Image Quiz
Can you choose the presidents and the founding fathers found on the following examples of US Currency?
US Presidents Playing Sports
Clearly, athletic ability is not a prerequisite for being President.
US Presidents in Reverse
If you think you know the US Presidents forwards and backwards, well now is the time to prove it.
U.S. Presidential Succession
They should really include every citizen in the US in the line of succession. We'd like to know where we rank.
Blackboard Blitz: US Presidents
If only it was just as easy to erase some of these people from our memories.
Is He a US President? II
Anyone can look presidential, but not everyone can be it.
Sets of Three
Three cheers for a quiz about sets of three!
US Presidents Venn Diagram
We didn't know there was a president named Venn.
History Speed-Picking
This quiz will have you picking and choosing your way through history.
Gracious in Defeat
The toughest speech that any politician has to make.
What Country Did I Lead?
So, is this a history quiz or a geography quiz?
General Knowledge: Jeopardy Style
Jeopardy is just as much about being able to press the buzzer fastest as it is about knowing the right answer.
🔎 Famous Images Memory Test 🔎
Pick the correct letter to the questions asked after studying the famous people/characters in these images.
US Presidents by Picture
We really miss presidents with facial hair. They really need to make a comeback.
Twice-Elected Presidents Minefield
Can I get a three-time elected president? Oh, not anymore? Sigh.
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