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Are You Smarter Than a College Student? XIX
After 19 editions, our 'College Student' series has been around long enough to attend college itself.
Colleges by Famous Athletes II
We get the feeling that none of these people are having trouble paying off student loans.
Ivy League Seals and Logos
Can you correctly name each Ivy League school when given its logo, coat of arms, seal, or shield?
Top U.S. Medical Schools
Is there a doctor in the house? If so, it's pretty likely they came from one of these places.
Forbes' Top College in Every State
Can you identify the colleges that Forbes has ranked as #1 for all 50 states (plus D.C.)?
Find the Ivy League States
Hint: Steer clear of the west coast.
College by Marching Band (Slideshow)
Name the college or university that these marching bands belong to.
Strange Essay Questions
The things that college applications ask you...
Name the answers to each category beginning with the letters of Sporcle.
Largest US Private Universities
Perhaps one day Sporcle University will make this list.
US Universities' Athletic Revenues
The best part is that they get the players for free!
College or University?
Be sure to get it right, or the alumni board will be after you.
World's Top Universities
We still don't feel that any university can be considered truly great if it doesn't offer a Master of Trivia program.
Final Four Named Institutions
Pick the schools named for their founder, founders family member or benefactor that have been to a Final Four.
Quick Pick: March Madness Champions by State
Pick the State or District of Columbia, for each school that has won March Madness and does not contain its state's name in its common name.
March Madness Final Four Hosting States
Pick the US states that have hosted the NCAA D-I Men's Basketball Final Four.
COLLEGES QUIZ - Largest Enrollment
Name the Biggest Universities (by enrollment) from each State.
Begins and Ends: NCAA Division I Teams
If only it was this easy to figure out how the season will begin and end.
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