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College Sports Logos
How else will you know which seat cushion to buy?
Ivy League Schools
Name the Ivy League schools.
College Football National Champions
Does the NCAA championship trophy look kinda like the COBRA logo from GI Joe to anyone else?
Somewhere in the Middle (Miscellaneous)
Better to be in the middle of somewhere than the middle of nowhere.
First Five: Miscellaneous
First come, first serve.
All the College Champions
College sports - making university presidents wealthy since the 1860s.
Clickable NFL Alma Maters
Just think back to all those times you've watched the Sunday Night Football player introductions.
Colleges by Famous Athletes III
Coming soon: Colleges by Famous Mathletes
Top US Universities
Would you believe it, the junior college my brother-in-law flunked out of is not on this list.
Top UK Universities
These rankings are clearly dubious, since they don't take into account the quality of the student bars.
NCAA Basketball Tournament Champions
We suspect that Jim Calhoun might just do ok on this one.
Colleges by Famous Athletes II
We get the feeling that none of these people are having trouble paying off student loans.
Colleges by Famous Athletes
We get the feeling that none of these people are having trouble paying off student loans.
Holiday Character College!
Pick the holiday character who would most likely teach these whimsical college courses.
What's It Stand For? NCAA Edition
It's an acronym's world, we're just livin' in it.
Languages in US Education
Konnichiwa. Cómo estás? Sprechen sie Sporcle?
Strange Essay Questions
The things that college applications ask you...
NCAA Cardinal Direction Schools (FBS)
Need to know which way you're going, try asking one of these college teams.
Cambridge Colleges
There are 31 colleges at the University of Cambridge. For those of you keeping score at home, that's 8 fewer than the University of Oxford.
No 'State' University States
You really have to be in the right (ahem) state of mind for this quiz.
Celebrity NCAA Fans
These celebs represent more than just themselves.
College Towns
For an extra challenge, can you figure out which University's campus is used as the icon for this quiz?
College by Socks Click
Can you select the correct socks when given the college's full name?
Find the Ivy League States
Hint: Steer clear of the west coast.
College Town Matchup III
Why don't you give this quiz the old college try?
Campuses of the University of California
We hear that all the classes are taught by movie stars.
Word Ladder: The Old College Try
Name the 4-letter words to complete this old U.S. college themed word ladder.
Cartoon Schools
Acme College certainly turns out a wide variety of products and students.
College or University?
Be sure to get it right, or the alumni board will be after you.
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