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Davids Who Changed the US
Whether they go by David, Dave, or Davy, we like them all.
National Flag by Eye Make-Up
Pick the make-up design that was inspired by the flag of each country.
Female Billboard UK or US
Which side of the pond did these songs hit?
Where Is That 'C' City? (USA)
Where is that city that I see?
Ancient City Maps V
Name the cities by one of their ancient or early maps.
States with 'CO'
Well, this is certainly one type of co-op game.
4 to 13 Letter 'M' Places
We're assuming Middle Earth is not included.
Closest NBA Teams to Mexico
Some of these teams even play in places that were once part of Mexico.
Click the Rocky Mountains States and Provinces
Sometimes it's okay to get off to a rocky start.
'T' State Abbreviations
This quiz fits us to a T.
Jumble #1
Better than the Jumble in the paper, to be sure.
George, George or George
Or is it George?
Not Quite Federal Holidays
Pick the days in the United States that were formerly federal holidays, unsuccessfully proposed as federal holidays, or are national observances based on a description.
Million Cities Minefield: US States
Get these all right and you might feel like a million bucks.
United States 'C' Geography
Name the United States geography terms that start with the letter 'C'.
United States 'G' and 'H' Geography
Name the United States geography terms that start with the letters 'G' or 'H'.
Borders a Four Letter State Minefield
Hint: Don't type Hawaii.
State by Necklace
Pick the necklace which represents the shape of each US state.
United States 'B' Geography
Knowing every state by heart won't be much help on this one...
Find the Upside-Down US States
If you stand on your head, this map looks perfectly normal.
More Than One Term Presidential Minefield
The longer the term, the more memorable the president...?
Build Texas by ANY 3 Letters
Can you build a map of the U.S. state of Texas, by typing ANY three-letter sequences that appear in the names of its counties?
US States with One House Member
There are only so many seats in the Capitol.
'Avoid That State!' Picture Click
Here's mostly a bunch of Wyomings: Find the Colorado! (Note: You need to course through a minefield here, so take your time and don't plunge into it too quickly).
Is That the State Capital?
Usually the first letter is the capital.
2 Borders 1 State
We never get bored of border quizzes.
Counties of Ohio Border Blitz
Name the counties of Ohio, which will also cause all of their bordering counties to appear.
Which NFL Division?
Can you choose the division that each NFL team is part of?
Easter Eggs Americana
Can you identify the U.S. state that each Easter egg is meant to represent?
LIFE Cover Stories - US Historical Figures
These Americans all appeared on the cover of Life Magazine during the 1940s-1970s. Pick the coverlines that match their stories. Dates given are the magazine issue date.
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