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First Letters of UK Cities
Now this is one way to tour the UK.
United Kingdom Armageddon!
Can you name all of the cities in the United Kingdom in 30 seconds, each correct answer triggering every city in a 100km radius?
Find the Counties of England - No Outlines Minefield
We think England quizzes are just tea-riffic.
England's 2018 World Cup Squad
*insert joke about afternoon tea*
Ceremonial Counties of England
Their ain't no county like an English Ceremonial County 'cause an English Ceremonial County don't stop!
Premier League or Prime Minister
We're just waiting for a premier league player AND prime minister.
UK Countries in History
It's fair to say the UK has made some history over the years.
The United Kingdom Quiz
Until this quiz, almost everything I knew about the United Kingdom I got from watching Monty Python and listening to the Beatles.
UK Geography Bunker
Perhaps this quiz should be called UK Geography Bunkre (so UK-Centric).
Criteria Cities (UK)
Just how much do you know about these UK cities?
That's No Underground Station: That's A British Battle!
Pick the Famous Battles without naming an Underground Station? Beware, clicking an Underground Station may lead to Engineering Works of the worst possible nature!.
That Was No Lady, That Was Henry VIII's Wife!
Pick the wives of Henry VIII in order without fault? Beware, picking any other lady (or getting the order wrong) will lead to Henry VIII getting incredibly angry and executing you on the spot!.
100 Largest UK Cities
Think the USA Map quiz is too US-centric? We've got the perfect way to cheer you up.
UK Cities North to South Minefield
This sounds like it would be a pretty interesting walk.
That's No British Settlement: That's a GoT House!
Can you click the Game of Thrones Houses without picking a British settlement by mistake?
Official UK Cities on a Map
Odds are you've heard of at least one of these cities.
First Letters of UK Cities II
Pick the first letters of these cities and towns in the United Kingdom.
Premier League: Anything But Yorkshire
Can you click the Premier League teams, past and present, without clicking on one from Yorkshire?
Prime Ministers of the UK
Quick name these guys and gals before Parliament gets dissolved.
London Underground
Mind the Gap is a much more polite warning than 'Death Trap'.
English Counties - No Outlines Extreme Minefield
Can you find the ceremonial counties of England without any outlines, no skipping, and without making any mistakes?
Celebrities Venn Diagram II
Look what you made us do.
Countries of the British Empire
It's actually a little easier to list the countries that weren't a part of the British Empire at some point.
Heirs to the British Throne
We're pretty sure all those corgis don't count. Pretty sure...
London Boroughs
Each borough of London has their own government and schools, and on a cold winter night, hopefully each also has a plethora of warm friendly pubs.
UK History Bunker
Anyone who finishes this quiz in one try should automatically be considered for knighthood.
British Monarchs Minefield
Here's a first: The opportunity to pick your own monarch.
English Football Players
The pitch means something very different to sporting Brits than it does to Americans.
UK vs USA Geography
We thought we settled all this in the war of 1812?
Click Which UK Country
Fancy learning a few facts about the place over the pond?
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