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UK Pub Quiz: Yen an Anny
If you can't visit the UK for pub quizzes, maybe this will scratch that itch?
4-to-1 Blitz: Geography
Can you quickly match each answer to the group in which it belongs?
Word Ladder: Scottish Lake
Name the 4-letter words in this lake-themed word ladder.
Find the British Airways Aircraft
Can you click the popular British Airways aircraft, given their name and year of first flight?
Quick Pick: Played in CL and EL Finals
Can you quickly pick the soccer players who have played in both the Champions League and Europa League final for the given clubs?
Complete the Boris Johnson quote
Complete the Boris Johnson quote from the selection below.
Get the Picture: UK Landmarks
Can you choose the UK constituent country in which each landmark is located?
English Teams Without ENGLAND
Is this like the sporting version of Brexit?
Quick Pick: United Kingdom Top 10 Attractions
Pick the United Kingdom Top 10 Attractions by Tripadvisor.
Harry Potter Spider Diagrams II
Pick the correct spider diagram for each Harry Potter character.
Get the Picture: Mountain Eng or Sco
Can you choose whether each answers is a Scottish or an English mountain?
First Edition Covers of Classic British Novels
Can you correctly identify the cover of the first edition of each classic British novel?
Harry Potter Spider Diagrams
Pick the correct spider diagram for each Harry Potter character.
UK Pub Quiz: Colonial Empire
Has the sun set on that yet? Let us know if the sky is still blue.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Geography II
No, you can't just sort everything into the category "Earth."
5 by 5 Landmarks by Country
We could also call it 25 landmarks through math.
Geographical Jumbles II
Also known as what happens when all the tectonic plates shuffle around. Less of a catchy ring to it, though.
UK Pub Quiz: What's on the Box?
We're usually more interested in what's inside of boxes.
UK Pub Quiz: Gaming Edition
25 multiple choice questions, all about Games in the UK, be they Childrens', Video, Pub, Card, Board or Chance.
Celebrating the Worth of Words: Wordsworth
Name the stupendous poems penned by the great Poet Laureate of England, William Wordsworth, on the basis of their descriptions? [Type A or B].
Quick Pick: 70th Anniversary Grand Prix Winner
Can you correctly pick the driver that has won the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix?
Fill the Hex Map: British Isles
Complete the hex map of the British Isles by correctly locating each place in the map below.
WRC Champions Cars: Richard Burns
Name the manufacturers (cars) of that Richard Burns used in World Rally Championship.
Quick Pick: 'H' F1 World Champions
Can you correctly pick the Formula 1 World Champion whose surname begins with 'H'?
2019/20 Season Review - LIVERPOOL
Can you choose the correct answer to each question regarding Liverpool's 2019/20 season?
UK Pub Quiz: British Beats
Wait, that's incomplete. What are the British beating exactly?
Get the Picture: UK Capitals
Can you choose the UK capital city that matches each hint?
2020 British Grand Prix
Name the facts about the 2020 British Grand Prix.
Nigel Mansell F1 Engines
Name the Formula One engine manufacturers that Nigel Mansell used in Grands Prix.
British Cities by Photo Montage
Name the British city (from England, Scotland or Wales) that is featured in the selection of pictures below? (location hints given).
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