United Kingdom Quizzes

Word Ladder: British Lingo!
This ladder will come in handy if you ever need to cross the pond.
The Last Word: UK Bands II
The British Invasion always had the last word.
On This Day: December
December: a month of lights, snow, and feasts.
UK 80s Number 1 Artists
Were all these artists in the song 1985?
European History Grab Bag: Odd One Out
Every group has its Ringo.
Which UK Country (Music)
Thankfully there are only 4 UK countries to choose from
English Counties: Populations Greater Than 1 Million
Many of England's counties end in 'shire.' We tried that here, but Californiashire and Texashire just didn't have the same ring.
On This Day: November
'November always seemed to me the Norway of the year.' ― Emily Dickinson
First Five: History
The oldest of the ancient wonders is the only one still in existence; can you name it?
Monarchs of Britain by Royal House
Some of these houses must have been pretty big to fit all the monarchs inside.
UK Immigrant Origin Countries by Continent
Really seems like we could have some wisecrack here about Brexit, but it still feels too soon.
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