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Sitcom Savvy
How sitcom savvy are you?
TV Titles by Antonyms
Would Law & Order have been as popular if they had called it Crime & Chaos?
Complete the Title: 1980s TV Shows
If you're tired of millennials not understanding your pop-culture references, this quiz is for you.
Which Actor Doesn't Belong?
Can you choose which actor doesn't belong with the grouping?
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Can you choose the correct answers to each question from John Carpenter's winning game of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'?
Stranger Things Logic Puzzle
Name the characters from Stranger Things that go in each box using logic and the clues provided.
Criteria TV: HIMYM vs. Friends
How much do you know about the two most famous groups of friends in the history of TV?
Sitcom Savvy II
Can you show your sitcom savviness by clicking the right answer?
Stranger Things Characters
Try not to get too emotional the next time you eat Eggo waffles.
Blackboard Blitz: TV Networks
School is in session.
Triplets Picture Click SNL
Pick the picture representing the common theme for each triplet.
Comedy TV Shows by Tagline
One quiz. Twenty-five comedies. Unlimited fun.
Survivor Winners
Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. Outsporcle?
AFI's Top 10 TV Shows Through the Years
Wait, 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' is not on the list? There must be some sort of mistake!
Complete the Title: 2000s TV Shows
Here's some TV shows you'll definitely want to finish.
Who Said It? The Office (US)
'I don't care what Jim says. That is not the real Ben Franklin. I am 99 sure!'
TV Show Cities: Real or Fake?
At least all the TV shows are real.
Funny TV Mothers II
Pretty much everyone and their mother thinks these shows are great.
Animation by Necktie
Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.
Dancing with the Stars Contestants
Admit it, you're a little excited for the premiere tonight.
The Simpsons 'Periodic Table'
Periodically, science and TV come together quite nicely.
HIMYM Logic Puzzle: Find The Mother
This is a story about how I rescued your Mother from a perilous logic puzzle.
Quick Pick: Riverdale Characters
Pick the corresponding surnames of the characters from Riverdale.
Follow That Line: Friends
For this Friends quiz, we just wanted to shout 'We were on a break!" after every single answer.
Game of Thrones Characters
Brace Yourself.
Iconic TV Duos
Can you correctly combine these, according to Rolling Stone magazine, iconic TV duos and their TV show?
You Think You Know The Office (US)?
The Office had a good run (mostly) and tonight is the series finale!
Mismatched Sitcom Characters
These characters are a perfect match for each other.
Criteria Characters: Breaking Bad
If you don’t know these characters, then maybe your best course...would be to tread lightly.
TV Show Debuts by First Scene
Can you identify the TV show from its very first scene?
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