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Find the Food in Romanian
We'd like some căpșună and Înghețată, please.
Fruits in Danish
Match the names of the fruits in Danish with the English.
Language by IKEA Sign
Ironically, none of these signs are in Swedish.
Counting in Cumbrian
Cumbrian! Who knew?
Italian: Sports (Clickable)
Pick the English translations of each given sporting activity in Italian.
1990s films in French
Est-ce toujours considéré comme du cinéma français?
Month by Phonetic Name
May the force be with you.
Find the Animal by Scientific Name
Never forget the fact that the scientific name for "gorilla" is "Gorilla gorilla."
Number Matching Puzzle: Hausa
You don't need to know anything going in, but a little Hebrew or Arabic will go a long way for the larger numbers.
Quick Pick: Disney's Seven Dwarfs in Latin
If you're feeling Happy. Keep your hands to yourself.
Russian to English: Animals (Crossword)
Can you fill in the English translations of these Russian words standing for different animals?
English-Polish homographs A-D
Polish up your knowledge of Polish.
Symbol Cryptogram: States I
Can you solve these symbol cryptograms that contain USA states? The first answer will be given.
Eliminate Your Options: Language Edition
When it comes to the process of elimination, trust the process.
Literal Language Idioms
Czech out this quiz and see if you can Finnish it without Russian.
James Bonds Movies by Spanish Title
El nombre es Bond. James Bond.
Spelling by phonetic transcription (IPA)
Can you spell the words that have been transcribed in IPA
Furniture in Dutch
Pick the English translation of the Dutch names of common furniture.
Danish: Occupations (Clickable)
Let's hope you're not - Domm and Dommer
Arabic for All
Can you connect the Arabic word on the left with its English meaning in the middle, and the English word derived from it on the right?
Find the Countries of Europe in German
The German audience gets a freebie, we guess.
Quick Pick: European Cities in Latin
Pick these European cities in Latin.
Tree by Phonetic Name
Time to branch out.
Mapudungun Number Match
Match the numbers to their names in Mapudungun (Mapuche)? See game note..
Holiday by Phonetic Name
Pick the holiday given its phonetic name.
Classic Novels in Spanish
And here we though Quixote was pronounced "Quicks-Oat".
Even if you don't know anything about American or British sign language, you may notice a pattern in how they do fingerspelling.
Find the Food in German
Hopefully you don't have a fear of German sausage. That would be the wurst.
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