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Elements in French
When given the Chemical Element Symbol, can you pick the French name of the element?
Is That a Scientific Name?
At the end of the day, all these just sound like Latin gibberish to us.
Redundant Location Names of Places
Name the location when given its redundant translation.
Language... By 14 Other Categories!
Don't all quizzes require some language knowledge?
Badly Translated Movie Quotes
This quiz reminds us of every instruction manual we've ever read.
5 by 5 French Words
Name the French words from these 5 categories.
Countries by Japanese Name
We think we're turning Japanese, we really think so!
The Bible, Translated
The Bible has been translated into over 600 languages. Don't worry, we're not going to make you name them all.
Days and Months in 4 Languages
Time to see what you remember from your high school foreign language class.
Quick Pick: 'M' Latin Phrases
Pick the Latin phrases from the English translation.
AKA Disney: Around the World
Pick the correct Disney movie when given one of its foreign-language titles.
Quick Pick: 'I' Latin Phrases
Pick the Latin phrases from the English translation.
Quick Pick: 'H' Latin Phrases
Pick the Latin phrases from the English translation.
What If Those Brands Were French?
They'd probably be wearing berets and eating lots of stinky cheese.
Italian: Food
These foods taste good in any language.
French in English II
Sacré bleu, this quiz is amazing!
In 6 Languages: Nature
Now you can appreciate nature in six languages.
Unexpected Translations: English-Spanish
According to this quiz 'papa sensible' could mean either 'prudent father' or 'sensitive potato'.
In 6 Languages: Clothing
This quiz has a laundry list of different languages.
Click a Cat: Language Edition
Can you get the purrfect score?
In 6 Languages: Fruit
These fruits taste delicious in any language.
Greek, Latin or Hebrew?
English is already hard enough.
Professions by Latin Name
Veni, vidi, vici Sporcle.
Spanish In US Hit Songs
This is your chance to finally figure out what the heck these lyrics mean in English.
The Germans Have a Word for That
The great thing about German is that if you don't have a word for something, you can just string shorter words together until you do.
Body Parts in Latin
Do you know your 'gula' from your 'genu'?
Spanish Pronouns
You'll have to be a pronoun pro for this quiz.
Spanish: Por vs. Para
It's time for a Spanish grammar discussion.
German: Fruits and Vegetables
The only fruit we want in Germany is an orange slice in our hefeweizen.
1 Through 10 Romantically
Counting has never been so romantic.
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