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Badly Translated Literary Opening Lines
It's best to leave translation to the professionals.
Countries in Indonesian
Bahasa humbug!
Quick Pick: Count to 20 in Russian
Can you click on the correct buttons to quickly count from 1 to 20 in Russian?
Literal Vietnamese Animals
Putting "ugly" in an animal's official name is kind of mean.
Thank You: A Languages Word Cloud
Thank you for playing!
Find the US States in Russian
Good luck explaining "Arkansas" and "Kansas" to non-English speakers.
Teutonic Plates
It looks like shifting plate boundaries rotated one of these letters.
Eight Language Days of the Week Blitz
Time just flies when you're having fun.
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori - translation
Dulce et decorum est in Sporclia ludere.
Months & Days in French
Really helpful if you a have a rendezvous to plan.
Constellation Names Translated II
If you can actually interpret these pictures in the stars, interpreting their names should be a piece of cake.
Foreign insults when translated to English
Don't tell me that insults aren't always the first things you learn.
Find the Countries of Europe in Latin
Latin isn't a dead language. It's just sleeping.
Phonetic Classic Rock
We know of at least one guitar player who didn't care about how names are spelled, pronounced or transcribed.
Sporcle in French
German Halloween Words - Matching
Can you correctly select the German Halloween words when given their English meanings?
Reading Braille
Remember: in alphabetical order, they start at the top and work their way down.
Nahuatl Words You Probably Know
This is our new favorite quiz because it contains tacos and chocolate.
In 6 Languages: Rooms
Pick the matching rooms in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.
Languages by Cake
This one's a piece of cake.
Multilingual Movie Quotes
Movie quotes are the universal language.
Find the Countries of Asia in Their Official Language
What do you call someone who speaks fifty languages? Quinquagintilingual, or genius?
Picture Click: Greek Family
Sound out the words, and remember what Philadelphia means.
Novel Titles in Norwegian
One form of Norwegian translates as "book tongue" so they know what's up here.
Quick Pick: Smiths By Language
Pick the occupational surname that means 'Smith' in each language.
Mongolian or Cyrillicized Hungarian
Can you steppe up to this challenge?
Symbol Cryptogram: Authors II
How long would it take to read a cryptogram novel?
Translated Italian Cities and Towns
In Italy, the name for Donald Duck apparently translates literally to 'little gosling'.
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