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Latin for All
Give it your all.
Italian: Bugs and Insects (Clickable)
This might bug you a little.
Which French Noun?
I really should of noun.
Etymologies of European Countries
You may not wish to visit the Land of the Angry.
Subcategory Sort: German, Italian, or Japanese
Can you sort the terms into the correct group within the correct subcategory?
Which Spanish Animal?
Who is the mysterious El Zorro?
Spanish Word Cloud
Cloudy with a chance of albóndigas.
Find the German Animals
Hunt Hai and Löwe for the animals.
Extended Knowledge: Great Lakes in Greek
Pick the correct Great Lake of the US when given their name in Greek.
Fruits in Catalan
Match words in Catalan with fruits in English.
Animals by Scientific Name
Can you select the correct animal when given its scientific name?
France Alternate Path Trivia
Can you answer questions about French geography and language in order to figure out the secret message? See 'How to Play.'
Spanish Verbs By Movie GIFs
This quiz will have you jumping for joy.
Anglo-Saxon for All
Can you connect the Anglo-Saxon word on the left with its English meaning in the middle, and the English word derived from it on the right?
Is It A Real Bible Translation?
Pick the real Bible translations while avoiding all of the fakes.
Greek for All
I wonder what a Greek geek looks like.
Language Jumbles II
More ... Sam Ragan
Munich in 15 languages
Pick the names for the city of Munich in 15 different languages.
Countries in Basque
The language, not the close-fitting bodice.
Which Portuguese Animal?
Give yourself o pato on the back.
Religion... By 14 Other Categories!
Athena would have blown everyone away in game of chess.
Quick Pick: European Cities in French
Pick these European cities in French.
Greek Gods by Roman Equivalent
Apollo: the god so nice they named him once.
Symbol Cryptogram: US Presidents II
Of course we all remember President ▷◣☽★✖☷☆✚.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Language
Yes, using Google translate on this quiz counts as cheating.
Bible Book by French Name
How well do you know your trivia biblique?
Long German Words
Pick the correct Long German Word given its English translation.
Rock, Papel, Schere
Answer 'Rock, Paper, Scissor' with the appropriate move in the appropriate language. For example, the German word for rock has to be answered with the German word for paper.
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