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Find the Countries of the World in Māori
Kia hari o te Wiki o te Reo Māori. (Happy Maori Language Week!)
Spanish Vocabulary Grab Bag
If you took high school Spanish, at least you'll be able to ask where the library is.
In Plain English: Love's Labour's Lost
Pick the 'plain English' version of each of these quotes from Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost.
Is It a Swedish Number?
Is Chiquitita a Swedish number?
Trivia Pyramid: Art
Try leaving a pyramid of random objects in a modern art exhibit and see who takes pictures of it.
Click the Seasons in Spanish
You're not allowed to use a translator.
Almost Useless Language Trivia
No knowledge of actual hieroglyphics required.
Homophones by Alexa
If in doubt ... ask Alexa!
One-syllable German nouns ending in -eck
Pick the one-syllable German nouns ending in -eck.
Italian: Birds (Clickable)
We hope this doesn't make you feel like a complete tweet.
Movie Titles In Icelandic
Pick the Hollywood movie titles in Icelandic? (Google translate).
An Anglo-German Crossword
An Anglo-German accord.
Countries in Scottish Gaelic
You don't need to know Scottish, but it may help to know the UK's constituent countries.
Question Hunter: Language
Can you find (but NOT click) language-related questions, then click on the answers while avoiding the decoys?
► ASL Fingerspelling: Companies II
Companies with a point to make.
Eight Language Months Blitz
Don't take all month!
Italian Proverbs Translation to English
Pick the to English translations of these Italian proverbs.
LogiCrossword: Days of the Week in Spanish
Sunny days are here again.
Animals in French
We can't lie - 'Animals in French Clothing' would make for a pretty fun quiz.
IPA Language Names
Name these languages given their IPA endonyms (what speakers call their own language).
Find the toilet in Europe
Pick the correct 'toilet' word for each European country.
Month by Phonetic Name
This is easy if you spend all your free time reading dictionary entries.
Shooting Gallery: Desserts by Language
Match the following desserts to their Spanish, French, Italian, and German translations.
Stephen King Novels in Spanish
Don't worry this quiz won't bring you Misery!
Onomatopoeia Sounds in Spanish
♪Canta el gallo, canta el gallo con el quiri quiri quiri quiri quiri.♪
'United Nations' in UN Official Languages
All the answers are "United Nations." You're welcome.
Tiger in Many Tongues
Happy Global Tiger Day!
ASL Fingerspelling: US Presidents
We think you'll be able to work your way through a few of these.
French Vocabulary Sorting Blitz
Looking for a chat?
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