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Language... By Other 14 Categories!
Don't all quizzes require some language knowledge?
Irish Slang
Match the Hiberno-English slang words with their meanings.
Find the Food in Italian
Olive Garden doesn't count.
Korean Hangul Match
Match the Korean Hangul to the correct Romanisation.
Spanish Verb Flashcards
“I bought a self learning record to learn Spanish. I turned it on and went to sleep; the record got stuck. The next day I could only stutter in Spanish.” -- Steven Wright
Subcategory Multiple Choice: Language
You'll have to be a true polyglot to get all these right.
Common Spanish Verbs
You can learn all the Spanish you'll ever need from the movie Encino Man.
Religion... By Other 14 Categories!
Can you choose the correct answers to religion-related questions based on each other Sporcle category?
Italian: Occupations
Italian for plumber? It's-a Mario!
IPA pronunciation
If you think this quiz is about India Pale Ale, you will be disappointed.
World Languages Bunker
If you make it all the way through this bunker, that means you're basically fluent in every language.
French: Clothes (Clickable)
Pick the English translations of each given item of clothing in French.
Most Spoken Languages
Sporcle primarily deals with quizzes involving one of these languages. How many of these 20 languages spoken by the most people around the world do you know?
Irish Vocabulary Match: Drinks / Deochanna
Match the drinks in English to their Irish translations.
Find the US States in Russian
Can you find the US States translated into Russian?
A World Language Logic Puzzle
Someone shouldn't have converted everything into Sporclese
Chat Acronyms
For those that spend all day texting, this quiz should be a breeze.
French: Colors
Les Couleurs d'Sporcle.
Mixed Foreign Words Used in English (A-Z)
Can you unscramble the letters and find words borrowed from other languages for each starting letter of the alphabet?
Chinese Numbers
"Give this quiz a try, it might not be as difficult as it seems." - Confucius (probably)
Spanish Basics Flashcards
You can call us Sporcletta Stone if you want to.
Find the Food in Spanish
Here's some food for thought.
Find the Food in French
We heard the reason people in France eat snails is because they hate fast food.
Contaetha na hÉireann (Irish Counties as Gaeilge)
Name the Contaetha na hÉireann (Irish Counties as Gaeilge).
Slogans Translated
Clearly some of these slogans were lost in translation.
Spanish: Por vs. Para
It's time for a Spanish grammar discussion.
Find the German Food
Can you click on the foods when given their name in German?
Spanish: Days
After playing this quiz we suddenly had the urge to watch some telenovelas.
50 Commonest Spanish Words
Don't look at us, we learned all our Spanish from Taco Bell commercials in the '90s.
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