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UK No 1 Songs in Other Languages
You mean that's not actually what they call it?
'Word' in 25 Different Languages
Don't you just hate it when you can't find the word you're looking for?
U.S. Cities in Spanish
Name these U.S. cities from their rough Spanish translation.
Picture Click: Spanish Family Tree
This seems ... familia!
The Bible, Translated
The Bible has been translated into over 600 languages. Don't worry, we're not going to make you name them all.
Japanese to English: Animals
You'll probably do better than you think.
In Plain English: Twelfth Night
If Shakespeare made us breakfast, we'd ask for a Hamlet.
I ❤️️ You, Europe!
I Love Paris (and the surrounding area) in the Springtime.
5 by 5 Spanish Words
Máximo de cinco!
'January' in European languages
Now that that month is over, let's review.
Colors and Numbers in 4 languages
3 ...2 ...1 ... Go (for Gold)
UK/US Translation Match 2
Just don't lose the plot.
Tourist's Guide to Languages
Be sure not to mix these phrases up, lest the feelings be mutual (at best).
Origins of Popular Portuguese Surnames
Going in, I was sure that 'Portugal' would be the answer for all of them.
Spanish In U.S. Hit Songs
Puedes estar correcto.
In 6 Languages: Jobs
Now you can procrastinate at work in 6 different languages.
Novel titles in Norwegian
Do you name the English book titles for these Norwegian versions?
Disney Movies Through Google Translate
Because sometimes, it's "time for a groove".
Pixar Movies Through Google Translate
If you need answers. Look them UP!
Condiments in Six Languages
For that awkward situation when you know the condiment you want, but not how to ask for it.
Catalan-English Name Dictionary
No relation to mathematician Eugène Charles Catalan, who was, in fact, Belgian.
Novel titles in German
Do you know the English title for these Novels translated into German?
Romanian Occupations (Clickable)
But, you know, not the 1919 Budapest kind.
English and Welsh Sporcle Categories
Cwisiau a ddwg wybodaeth, a gwybodaeth ddoethineb.
First Five: Language
We have no proof, but we'd bet that the first five words all had to do with food.
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