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'R' Countries Multiple Choice
Can you choose the correct 'R' country for each clue?
Mini Logic Puzzle: Africa
Can you solve this mini Africa-based logic puzzle*?
Multiple Choice Geography Slideshow
What we learned from taking Multiple Choice tests: When in doubt, always choose C.
Wiki Geography Picture Click
When in doubt, look it up on Wikipedia.
European Union Members Minefield
Time to place your bets, how long before this quiz is just 'Click all the countries in this image'?
Where on Earth Is...
Unrelated, but did you ever stop to think about the frequent flyer miles Carmen Sandiego must have had?
5 to 1: African Countries
It's a like a mini tour of Africa.
Where Am I in Asia?
"I told you to pull over and ask for directions!"
Canadian Province by Necklace
Pick the necklace which represents the shape of each Canadian province and territory.
European Countries with a 'B'
'B' sure to Czech out the how to play.
European Countries with an 'A'
It's not enough for A to be the first letter, it also has to make its way into as many countries as it can.
European Countries with a 'C'
The nice part is you can 'C' all these places on a map.
United States 'D' Geography
A 'D' in geography is not usually a good thing, but it is here.
Country by Photo (Images)
Can you choose the countries shown in these photos?
Find the European Countries Ending in 'D'
It's not how you start, but how you finish.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Geography
Can you sort the 100 Geography items in this 1 to 10 to 1 sorting gallery?
Taller Than the Eiffel Tower
We'd advise you not to take the stairs.
Bullseye Blitz: Geography!
We're betting the center of the bullseye is located in Bishkek.
6 to 1: Europe
Work your way through categories seis, five, quatre, tre, doi, and eins.
World Islands 10-to-1
55 of the world's most isolated places can join together on this quiz.
Geography Speed-Picking
This quiz will have you traveling the world in only 2 minutes.
'I' in Geography
Here's a quiz that is pretty easy on the i's.
'D' in Geography
This is one of the few times trying to get a 'D' in Geography is actually a good thing.
European Countries with an 'E'
Every European country is excellent.
Find the European Countries Ending in 'A'
Eur-in for a good one here.
Longest Rivers
These rivers provide habitat, transportation and food for a plethora of people and animals all around the world. They also provide Sporcle with a new quiz.
Largest Lakes
As a matter of perspective, if you took these 20 lakes and glued them all together, they....wait a second, you can't glue water together!
Asian Geography Bunker
Even the biggest geography buffs on Sporcle will have trouble getting 100% in one try.
Nile River Countries
Rest assured, you won't need to deal with crocodiles here.
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